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Monthly Praja Meet at Mr. Ravi's office in Cunningham Road

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

 The meeting was at Mr. Ravi’s Office which is at Cunningham road. It started at scheduled hour. The following were presnt:

Ravi D, Rithesh, Das, SrinidhiPathy KV, Muralidhar, Ananthram PS, Suhas (on skype)

The main points discussed were regarding CST Pedestrian project, Road Design and Empowering BMLTA. I see Murali has posted a blog entry on the issue.

Das elaborated on the main point about CST pedestrian project which is being progressed by him, viz providing alternate parking place for the 80 cars which will loose parking at CST.

About the Road design project of Mr. Suhas, lot of discussions took place about IRC specs and the stumbling blocks regarding obtaining info at one point. Mr. Pathy a new member of Praja is a social activist and member of similar other organizations.

The meeting took double the time allotted which went without being noticed.  


[Important Note: Edited the post to take out personal details - please don't share those, may be unethical to do so. Privacy is a big deal for many, no assumptions on that count please. Leave personal details to howmuchever the members opt to reveal in their member profiles here - moderator]


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thanks for the report

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and sorry for dropping out at the last minute. Missed meeting some new people there. comment guidelines

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