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Bus service Improvements around KR Circle areas

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The widening of Seshadri rd, Race Course rd & Palace rd together with the flyover at Anand Rao circle, the already wide District office rd & underpasses at KR circle & Maharani's college has one benefit - possibility for improvement of bus services for savings in bus travel times for commuters.

The current bus routes are round-about due to existing one-ways & were somewhat inconvenient for users. I think some improvements may be possible with revisions in flow patterns for buses, including contra-flow on these wide streets (as necessary).

Anyone with suggestions on how bus routing can be modified in this area are requested to please post their views here.


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KG Road Two ways only for buses

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KG Road should be made 2 ways from Cauvery Bhavan to Corporation Circle only for Buses from Cauvery Bhavan till Corporation.This will reduce the walking distance for many who work on KG Road and who come for shopping on the KG Road. Now, people use private transport because of the distance they have to walk till Maharanis or KR Circle to take the bus.

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Small Buses

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KR Mkt -Maj small buses plying on BVK Iyengar and Avenue Roads will be a great thing. 

Most buses would now turn right from Maharani's towards State Bank of Mys, so KG Road will be a 2-way road for BMTC  (hope BBMP will abandon widening KG Road since it is wide enough to handle 2way till SBM). With this, KR Circle will see a big drop in bus traffic. comment guidelines

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