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BMTC buses on traffic police radar

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The BMTC is ending up filling the Bangalore City Traffic Police’s coffer. In February 2009, the traffic police has collected Rs 3.17 lakh for various traffic violations involving BMTC buses. “The most prominent violations by the BMTC bus drivers are jumping signals and breaking one-way rules in the night,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic & Security)Praveen Sood.

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When the Praja team had met Mr Praveen Sood last and pointed out that he was not being fair in targeting only private cars and not yellow board cars, autos, and BMTC buses, he had stated that he will be taking it up in stages. Well, it appears it has made a beginning now. Way to go, Sir!

I have of recent observed autos also being to be targeted. But, at around 9 AM last Sunday (22nd March), as I was waiting at the Sony World junction (approaching from Maharajah junction), I saw a cash transaction taking place on the opposite side of the raod between a traffic cop (he was alone) and the driver of auto with regn no: KA-5Z-4040. The offence apparently was jumping signal lights, and I very much doubt a receipt was issued. Perhaps Mr Sood's team members would like to check that out and take suitable steps in order to curb such practices.

Perhaps the yellow board vehicles are also beginning to be targeted, though I am yet to come across such an instance.

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