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My experience with the subregistrar - lessons and tips

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Our ancestral property in Malleswaram was to be split between our family. For this we had to approach the sub-registrar in Malleswaram.

The clerk at the office demanded "Rs 1 lakh" to do the job. My father is not well versed with using google well.

I searched for some info and hit upon the website of Deparment of Stamps and Registration and it clearly mentioned there that fee for executing a "release deed" in our case was just Rs. 1000/- My dad then told the clerk either he does the job for us at the official fee or we can make other arrangments, viz informing Lokayukta.

And presto! Our job was done in just 20 minutes and taking the official fee.

Haranahalli Ramaswamy, a noted Gandhian thinker, opined that such simple but effective administrative changes and open information about official processes are the key ingredients for tackling corruption.

Lokayukta is no doubt effective, but i read that out of 745 cases filed, only 2 have been convicted.

Karnataka has a long way to go in tackling corruption as it is done in other states like TN and KL.



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 "Information is wealth" - Senthil (Tamil Comedian)!

The Stock Holding Corporation of India is in charge of estamping

Scroll down for Karnataka

 Summary of Instruments

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 Summary of Instruments that can be registered and their charges:
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Is it being implemented already?

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If I have been tracking news well enough, I have read only about Rajasthan and Maharashtra actually moving to implement estamping. Can't locate Rajasthan news article, but here is one about Maharashtra (Telgi effect - estamping) - it says they were supposed to roll it out in Maha last year Sep itself. Did they?

Hope everyone read that KA govt setup a committee for e-governance. Lets watch what they do. We should go meet them, perhaps Mr Nandan Nilekani himself (I think he heads this new committee) on what his egovernance suggestions are how many of those will he be pushing for implementation. comment guidelines

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