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2.94 crore cases pending!

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Our judiciary, which can arguably be described as one of the least dsyfunctional organs of our nation (however slow). Still, it is overburded with 2.94 crore cases! That is about 29.4 million cases! The crux of why disposal of cases is so slow is because there is an acute shortage of judges. It is upto the Government to pay the judges through the taxes we pay. But most of the money we pay as taxes actually goes towards paying bloated salaries of the bureaucracy and populist schemes such as fuel subsidies.

Atleast Karnataka has some silver lining. We have a Mediation Center - the Bangalore Mediation Center which is a big improvement. We also have a Lok Adalat for speedy disposal of cases. Still - reforms of the above sort are just the tip of the icebergy. We have barely scratched the surface of this kafkaesque bureaucracy. Still, there is hope that steps such as the ones initiated below are steps in the right direction:


High court initiates moves for speedier justice

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thanks mcad for sharing and tracking this. Commenting here as this important news you shared was getting lost amongst transportation heavy talk.

BTW, how does average duration for resolution of a case compare with some other countries? How about the cost of legal services? Any stats on these two important parameters? comment guidelines

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