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ashok_n's Statuses

shashi kumar y » ashok_n d reply i get is still the same.. can't provide direct connectivity from all parts of Blr to other parts of B'lr. 9 years ago
shashi kumar y » ashok_n I have been calling to the BMTC on every bus day to give connectivity from BG road to ITPL and vijayanagar....... but in vain 9 years ago
ashok_n BMTC intros 2 Vlvo srvcs - 500C from BG road to ITPL. At 0800 and 0840 (Arakere gate, apprx timings). Only 2 services. NO return trips. 9 years ago
ashok_n BMTC intros new Volvo route : 411GT. Gottigere (Bannerghatta Road) to ITPL. Thanks, BMTC! 10 years ago
ashok_n Comparisons btwn various mass PT options: . BRTS is the best, obviously. 10 years ago

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