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silkboard's Statuses

silkboard @felixknopf welcome to Praja. Here to work with BWSSB I assume. 8 years ago
silkboard Back from a visit to the hinterlands. Feel as if doing Praja etc for Metros like Bangalore is a waste of time. 8 years ago
shashi kumar y » silkboard Hi, sir could you help me out in providing a list of Night services operated by BMTC in whole Bangalore 9 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya » silkboard Fine, I am also in late train due to some personal commitments. I will try to send some stickers tomorrow though 9 years ago
shashi kumar y » silkboard As you are very close to the BMTC higher officials, kindly ask them to upload the night service route no's list along with the timings. 9 years ago

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