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  • Traffic fines to be increased


    The Transport Commissioner, Shri Bhaskar Rao is going to increase the fines and enforce traffic rules better in Bengaluru:

    He should seriously consider options such as the "denver boot" for vehicles that are parked opposite driveways and other negligent drivers.
  • Basavanagudi Traffic Regulation


    Hi All,

    Attached is the letter being sent to BBMP /Traffic Police (South) about streamlining traffic at Basavanagudi. I am also forwarding the map (copy updated) with some captioned pictures about traffic in the area.

  • Multiple Bus Shelters - Another Route to Money ?

    Pedestrian Infrastructure

    Hi All,

    When the scheme to build bus-shelters of 'International Standards' was first floated a few years ago, many welcomed it as the standard of shelters in the city was pathetic, similar to cattle sheds.

  • Mission ‘PEACE’ - Reducing Noise Pollution by Autos and Honking

    1 Nov 2008 00:30
    1 Nov 2008 11:00
    PollutionPublic Health

    Mission ‘PEACE’ Reducing Noise Pollution by Autos and Honking A step towards a Peaceful & Healthy Bangalore WHO we are: A bunch of Bangalore residents who have got together to transform our city.

  • BTRAC - New TMC, 20000 road signs


    BTRAC TMCAs the newspapers reported, work began on a brand new Traffic Management Center for Bangalore on October 6. Its being designed by the same guys who have build Network Operation Centers and Data cnters for IT companies, the facility is going to be similar to those - lots of screens on one big wall and seatings or cubicles besides it for policemen to watch and control cemeras and signals:

  • Who can legislate to increase fines?

    It is a well known fact as even Mr Praveen Sood iterates that the local police, i.e Bangalore City Police do not have powers to fine traffic offences. It is still dictated by the Central Motor Vehicles Act. Even the Chief Minister of Karnataka does not have such legislative powers. Only the Union Minister and the Minister of State, Shri T R Baalu and Shri K H Muniyappa have powers to table an amendment in the Central Motor Vehicles Act. I doubt they can do it within this session of parliament, but IMO, we need to create a momentum in order to have the CMV amended.
  • Bangalore Traffic Woes, avoid ad hoc solutions please!

    Bangalore, keeping in pace with other cities in the world, has grown exponentially over the past half a century. The Key question while planning traffic solutions for such a growing city obviously would be “how to account for possible future growth?” Bangalore has a very good example in the Kempe Gouda Towers. Kempe Gouda had in his wisdom estimated the boundaries of Bangalore and built the Towers known after him.

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