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viswanath Praja is : By the people, For the people and To the people. 5 years ago
vaidy.ts » psaram42 Dear Sir, The link you posted on BBMP building byelaws doesnt work. Can you please look into this. Thanks. 5 years ago
Commander V Joshua There is a way out to implement KAOA72 and Rules 75? 5 years ago varghese » silkboard kerala-karnataka flyover 5 years ago
agirl juegos de futbol 5 years ago
abidpqa BMTC is shifting the busstop near Phoenix mall also 5 years ago varghese systamatic public cry for INDIUM ELECTRICITY is the crucial need of the time 5 years ago varghese why cheaper universal easly available electricity is not attracting the gov. of India? 5 years ago varghese citizen friendly gov. has no rights to deny people basic energy for comfortable living. 5 years ago varghese because of this storage problem people denied easy elctricty never ending 5 years ago varghese indium solar electricity Indium cells developed at I.S.I .Why magnetic semiconductor system is not developed yet for storage 5 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya When its family and shopping, car is preferable. Economic too:) 5 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya @silkboard @idontspam If there are any new DDC pledgers, please send me details. 5 years ago
alexander cracks in walls and floor has come up while my nieghbour was digging 10 inch borewell in blr can u pls let me know the next steps?to claim 5 years ago
peter31029@yaho... information on law on bacholers renting in Bengaluru 5 years ago
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