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K. P. Padiyar to help in working a scheme 4 years ago
K. P. Padiyar As a retired Railway engineer from Udupi, my field is suburban rail system. I have lectured on Rail transport for Bangalore since 1986-87 4 years ago
SankarJayaraman Every ward should have a parking lot for 4 & 2 wheelers, so that the parking in the road can be avoided even in night and help commuters. 4 years ago
kp_acharya Go Cycling, Keep fit - yourself and the nature. 4 years ago
swarrier Have done complaints about BMTC blue buses but have not seen much change in past 3 years.. volvo bus condcutors are more polite 4 years ago
swarrier In my route only BMTC blue buses are there but their services discourage people from using it. Many talk rudely and dont give back change 4 years ago
subramaniyan_ra... Fantastic work. Let me know if I can be of any little help. Want to participate in Praja 4 years ago
E.R. Ramachandran Road seem to be only for cars, two wheelers, not for pedestrians!' free left turns' leave old, women unsafe and stranded on Roads:( 4 years ago
blrpraj » murali772 are you referring to vkm and the BMTC stratified services topic? 4 years ago
Deepak Gupta KOTA 5:35 AM can be clubbed with train no. 19801 (+INDB INTERCITY) from KOTA at 6:30 Hrs for Indore location. 4 years ago
Deepak Gupta (+KOTA JAIPUR PAS ) from KOTA at 23:50 for Jaipur 4 years ago
Deepak Gupta from KOTA at 23:50 having very lesser time and sometime this train missed. 4 years ago
Deepak Gupta There is one train from Indore To Kota Train No. 19802 (INTERCITY EXP) from Indore at 14:45 Hrs reached at Kota at 23:20 Hrs 4 years ago
murali772 » blrpraj why are you giving so much importance to that idiot? I must confess I too made the mistake of taking him seriously, once :))) 4 years ago
sairajagopal Lets us use the media effectively to ask for our rights and make our lives peaceful 4 years ago
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