Pedestrrain PIL media coverage

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Finally courts are realising how bad the Bnagalore pedestrain facilities. Thanks Jenny for taking up and our support for you.




Many streets / Roads have become non pedestrian zones ???

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MG Road :  it has become non pedestrain zone practically.

Whole MG has been barrciated to stop pedestrains crossing the road and allowed only either at Anil Kumble Circle or Brigade road end.

That means we need to walk for 500 Mts to cross the high end stree,  what nonsense ????

One side we have all commecial and office establishments on MG road and other side we have Rangoli Art Center, Dasa Prakash Food Joint, Bolevyard with benchess to sit and public toilets which exists only on Metro side.

Das Prakash food joint, Benches are at elevated which can be easily connected to MG road side by simple foot over bridge at three places which will serve also for citizens to stand on the crossing and enjoy the traffic going below.  This way  public  can criss cross the road for office going, entertainment and even for rest.

Hebbal Esteem Mall : From Hebbal Flover starting at Mekri circle end  till Battryana pura ( Amruthalli Signal )  which is  3 Kms,  we have only three unsafe pedestrain crossing and whole road has been converted to non crossing bt pedestrains.

Now people are risking their life and to cross the Esteem mall at Hebbal,  same case at Amruthalli Signal also.  In both cases, road width is of 10  lanes.  Imagine with 15 Seconds to cross this width by old people, handicap people, childrens, ladies, its doing running to save the life while crossing.

Authorites NHAI, BBMP, BDA and even local elected reps have failed to provide safe pedestrain crossing facility.