Foot Over Bridge / Sky walks study done by DULT for the proposed by BBMP

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Thanks to DULT for taking up the study of proposed Skywalks by BBMP.

Looking forward to wards BBMP Engineer / Commissioner to  attend meeting with DULT and  come  out where will be skywalks / FOB are feasible and required.



BBMP Tender which was called during Jan'2014

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JNNRUM funds not utilized by GOK / BBMP for Pedestrian facilit

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Will BBMP spend money by placing sky walks properly

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BBMP shold put proper skywalks which will benefit the pedestrains and not the  PPP party.  Has BBMP, GOK,  Ministry of Urban Development / GOI are so bankrupt that they can not fund these skywalks,  need to go for  PPP.

Bangalore poor record of Foot Over Bridge / Skywalks in any form

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Bangalore keeps it Bad Date  with skywalks and Footover bridge either at METRO, Railway Stations, Railway line Crossings, Road Crossings



Will BBMP Commissioner, Mayor, Minister Take blame ???

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Its citizens to make use of them properly

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Thanks to these people,  now citizens of Bangalore should use them properly