Real Estate Regulator

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There was an article in the Economic Times today by V Raghunathan titled "Why india needs a Real Estate Regulator". He very succintly covers how the real estate sector is a mess and how everything is one sided in the whole deal.  Most of the article is self explanatory and well known.

See the ET story here.

What we should point out though is that this proposed regulator, which makes its appearance in the proposed Maharashtra real estate bill and in the model bill from the center, could be the "competent authority" instead of the registrar of cooperative societies who currently refuses to openly accept his statutory in this matter.


Apartment horror stories -

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Apartment horror stories - here

Another comprehensive article in the Hindu

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On the same page as the link IDS posted above, another article was posted in Hindu which virtually talks about the same things we have been crying out about here on PRAJA.

See the article titled "Regulations on apartments have fallen flat" here.

Scam raj

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In this scam raj apt buyers & citizens who pay taxes are just slaves who pay money to real estate barons & politicians for some bricks & cement & dirt tracks in the name of roads. While they steal coal & minerals & natural resources to count in lakhs of crores, use toilets made of gold. OBSCENE.

In the next few days, watch Bangalore corporators & politicians unite against BMTF to defend their right to loot you so they can get land to build a house & hoard richness for their next of kin while you ride hours on mud tracks to work 18 hour days and pay taxes so you can buy an apt over which you get no rights.

Wake up people!!!