Meet-up for DDC project planning

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25 Dec 2010 08:00
25 Dec 2010 09:15

 Hi DDC Project Team,

The meeting is to just to discuss the project and get car bumper stickers in person

Venue: Freedom park (Old Central Jail), Date: Dec 25, time: 8 AM.


  1. Introduction of members - 10 mins
  2. Distribute stickers to pledged members (Please pledge before you come) - 5 Mins
  3. Discuss regarding quality and design of stickers. - 10 mins
  4. Pasting instructions for different types of vehicles. - 10 mins
  5. Discuss about mailing of stickers. - 10 mins
  6. Future action planning for DDC. - 20 mins
  7. Any other Praja related/General discussions - 10 mins

Non-members are welcome too. Please confirm your attendance by commenting to this post. 



Will be there

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Will be there 8 to 8.30 am, will finally get to see each other in person :)

will be there...

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 ...have already taken the pledge online. Waiting for the sticker :)

Will not be able to make it, out of bangalore 24th to 3rd

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I have already taken the pledge online, also waiting for the sticker.




meeting Venue

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 Hi wherearound is this meeting? Online?

Most probable place is Freedom Park

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Yes, important piece of info was left out in event notification ! Thanks.

The meeting will be at Freedom park (Old Central Jail). The meeting may end less than one hour though we have allocated 1.5 hrs.

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 Will be there on 25th at 8 AM at Freedom Park.    Look forward to the first step in freedom from Tyranny of unruly Banglaore Traffic. Choice of Venue is apt.



Will make it

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Great initiative - & I'll try & attend on 25/8AM at freedom park.

Can't make it

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Sorry - out of town.  

Alright then, see you all in the morning

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Will be there at Freedom Park, by 8 AM.

May be late by 15 mins max

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As I need to drop my parents in majestic KSRTC and ensure that they have boarded right bus, I may be late by 15 mins max. My apologies in advance. But you may contact me at xxxxxxxxx(Deleted telephone number) if I go totally missing :)

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Meeting went well.

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Hi Team,

 Few of us met today morning at right time and right place as scheduled. It was nice to spend quality time for a common cause. It was nice weather and nice spirit there.  Things mentioned in above agenda were discussed pretty well.

Key discussions:

a) Make pledge text simple, and more user friendly.

b) Display joinee count in DDC pledge page. For example "175 people joined DDC so far.Be next to join ! "

But tech team will look at the possibility of doing it under current Praja website technology.

c) Stickers will be mailed(via ordinary post) to new pledge DDC members by voluntary members. Those who wish to do this voluntary work are requested to contact me (Bheema)

d) Sticker pasting instructions may be included while sending stickers.

e) My car's rear glass was shown to team just to have a feel of it. 

f)'s policy and vision was explained to newbies like me.

Please add I missed something.



" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Meeting on Sunday

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 Hi Bheema, silboard


Meeting went well. Wish there were more people but nevertheless good beginning.

Looking forward to more action on this.


Bheema: a feedback on the sticker. Taking off the wrapper from the sticker back is quite a task. Had to struggle with number of stickers before I was able to remove it and paste the sticker to my car. Share your experience with this pl.





Yes, same trouble here too

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 I too had same experience, which is noted. When we order next batch, we will have specify this factor - easy to tear wrapper. As this is first experience, we will have this as "lessons learned" for next batch stickers. But I will check if any trick to take it easily (from vendor).

Thanks for your feedback.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"