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Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have posted and I apologize for that. I took a new job and it has been very time consuming. I will also be transitioning to another job in the next few months so I had to let go of organizing this blogathan for July. I still think it is important that we do one but if it is okay with everyone how about we push it back to beginning of next year.

I say the beginning of next year because I propose the theme be “ Ideas for the Future of Bangalore”. Where we challenge people to write pieces on what they hope Bangalore will do in the next year and potential projects that they would like to see happen.

We can have a judges panel and have the community vote on picking best projects and maybe work on raising funds to get it accomplished. I know you have been working on the commuter rail and other transportation initiatives but maybe a few other project ideas from different aspects of the city and that are more focused on small wins can get more attention and ideas.

Maybe things like cleaning up a neighborhood, planting trees, pictures of broken infrastructure, taking pictures of  traffic violations or interesting street art. I think we can have people just post their ideas and wants for the next year and then work on accomplishing them through the Praja community and partnering with other sites such as Kiirti and Citizen Matters.

I think by making the focus of the blogathon on being more active we can get more attention and really see how many ideas we can generate from this community.

Let me know what you think. Again I’m sorry for the delay. I will be busy for the next two months but I think I will be settled down enough by Sept to really plan this. Until then I would love your input and we can start collecting contacts and outreach information.