Need Volunteers for Sample Collection

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Building on to the post made here and here

Janaagraha is collecting collecting info related to BWSSB water supply in all the wards. They need volunteers who  agree to get pressure meters installed in their houses and provide water samples to Janagrahaa. Janagrahaa folks will come to your house and install the meter themselves. You won't have to do anything.

The data generated will be useful for the water index which we are doing at Praja as well.

Volunteering for this requires no effort at all so I hope anybody who sees this post should agree to doing it.

Kindly make a comment giving your details: Area of Residence, Ward Number if you know it, contact details etc.



Shekhar Mittal



assume this is not for community housing setups?

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I assume this applies only to people who have a direct connection from BWSSB. So people living in residential communities (apartments etc) who get BWSSB water to a common sink, or not get BWSSB water at all can't volunteer for this.


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Yeah. You are partly correct. Only those folks who can get BWSSB water can volunteer. If you have a common connection but can get the pressure monitor installed are also welcome.

Water Pressure meters

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Dear Silk board,

You must have either of 2 things;

1. BWSSB water connection

2. Borewell water supply through government pipelines (In the village areas, the water supply is through PVC borewell pipelines).

If you stay in an appartment complex :

YES, you can, provided you ensure the following:

1. The safety of the instrument is assured ( at the sump as well as near the power supply)

2. There is a power source (domestic 220V) within atleast 10 meters distance from the sump.



Water pressure meter

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I can let you install it in my apartment( my flat) if you are interested