SWR & BMTC to blame for poor response for Devanahalli service

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On the one hand the city whines that it doesn’t have a “lifeline” like Mumbai’s suburban trains. It clamours for Metro and other high-speed rail networks. On the other, South Western Railway (SWR) is planning to withdraw the train service from Yeshwanthpur to Devanahalli via Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) just a year after it was introduced.

Railway officials blame it on the poor response from the public. Bangalore Mirror took a test ride on the 10.35 am train from Yeshwanthpur on Friday, and found only eight passengers on board the seven-coach rake. An official said that there had been several days when not a single soul boarded the train.

Source: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=MIRRORNEW&BaseHref=BGMIR/2011/07/09&PageLabel=1&EntityId=Ar00100&ViewMode=HTML

This question is more applicable to Person from Bangalore Mirror news writer  Sridhar Vivan.

When the service was introduced,  where was this Bangalore Mirror, they did't carry the news  of introducing the services to public.

SWR to blame itself :

1. Why they introduced services in odd time when no one will use this.

2. Starting point of  the service is from Yesvantpur, where as for Hosur starting point  Yesvantpur makes big sense.  For Devanhalli trains, sstarting point should be from Kengeri / Ramanagarm.

3. Why this service was terminated at Devanhalli and made to wait for 2 hrs, otherwise this service could have been made upto Chikballapur.

4. Small halt station below trumphet is just dicussed and not provided by SWR and  now blame it on public for poor response. 

5. Take the case of Bangalore to Chikballapur train in the morning and evening, its crowded and SWR should analyze why is the other two services are doing well and not this odd one & same is with YH-1 & YH-2, they have become popular.

BMTC to blame for this :

Why BMTC  did't provide the connectivity from Devanhalli station to BIAL Terminal,  as BMTC would have  fealt that their share of Air Passangers would have come down.

With all this SWR & BMTC mess,  why should the blame go to citizens who are customers of  SWR & BMTC.



Who goes to the airport at

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Who goes to the airport at 10:30 land up at devanahalli & hunt for a rikshaw or a run down bus back to the airport to catch a flight? How many buses are there from devanahalli to the airport? I bet none. Who arrives at 1:30PM & goes all the way to devanahalli in a non-existant bus service, to catch the train? Are travellers that badly off that they cant catch a vajra service also directly to the city?

One must know how to introduce & run airport services. One must also know what to expect from services which are run at odd timings to themiddle of nowhere just for namesake. Forget the journalist we ourselves have been critical of intrducing services just for the heck of it &then cribbing that it doesnt have traffic.

Run the same train at a 20 min frequency from KR puram or Anekal or Ramanagaram passing thru the city using an AC coach, introduce a stop at the trumpet, have a waiting free shuttle synchoronized with the arrival/departure of the train & see the response. The train has to cut across the city to cary people from across. Starting from the northern edge makes no sense for an airport service in the north as people from across have already made it thru traffic.

What a bunch of idiot administrators we have without common sense wasting tax payers money running useless services.


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WHile these questionns are valid, we should now at least try to ensure that there is sufficient BMTC connectivity at the stations for the other trains (Yeshwantpur-hosur and Bangalore cantt-Bagarapet).

At every station, we need:

1. BMTC connectivity

2. Car and 2-wheeler parking for the day

3. Bicycle parking (perferably overnight for destination locations near work-places) or renting

Stations with good connectivity:

  • Bangalore City, 
  • Hebbal,
  • Lottegollahallli (from Kuvempu circle),
  • Karmelaram (Sarjapura road buses, stop at Carmeleram College)

Stations with poor connectivity

  • Bangalore cantt (Connectivity on only one direction due to one way)
  • Heelalige (356E to Electronics city, frequency not known, need bus that goes inside the electronics city)
  • Belandur Road (327-D, 327-G, 327-H, 328-A, 339, 340-D, but frequency is low)

The last two stations are important as they connect lot of IT parks to north and west bangalore.

Is this already being discussed with BMTC? Are there any regular travellers for Yeshwantpur-Hosur train travelling to Bellandur and Heelalige? How do they manage?





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Dear All,

This is my first post in the forum. Kudos to the excellent work being put in by the members of praja.in for namma railu. Its heartening to hear that SWR is coming closer to providing DMU/EMU services in Bangalore, if GOK funds for the rakes.

I have been using the YH1 and HY2 services since 4 months. It is quite a good experiencience dumping the car at the garage of my home. I board the train at Lottegollahalli and alight at Heelalige. The connectivity at Heelalige leaves much to be desired. We are lucky if are able to get a lone or two autos waiting near the station. Else its is good morning trek to Chandapura circle. We are a group of 10 people who do this. A shuttle service (BMTC) to coincide with the timings of YH1 and Dharmapuri-Doddaballapur trains would help. It is the same case in the evening too. The HY2 leaves HLE at 6.25pm. Most of us walk down from Chandapura circle or take an auto or board a bus to get dropped off near the tracks. I feel that not many are taking the train because of poor connectivity to the station.

Perhaps SWR can construct a station at Chandapura once the DEMU services are launched on regular basis. This would help people going to Attibele, E.City, Veerasandra, Hebbagodi, Narayana Hrudayalaya etc.

That's it for now.


Ram Mohan P


BMTC Connectivity to SWR Stations arround Bangalore

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Dear Ram Mohan,

Thanks for the inputs on YH-1 & YH-2 services users.

As such BMTC is not very active in providing the last mile connectivity where ever SWR Station exists including Yesvantpur, Chikbanavar, Yelahanka, Hebbal or Heelalige where commuters have to strugle to reach their near by places like office, residence.

This aspect is very much taken care in Mumbai Suburban Trains by BEST buses.  I feel from Praja team should make efforts to reach BMTC  to get improvements in connectivity by BMTC at Heelalige, Belandur, Karmelaram, Banswadi stations so that  difficulty faced by commuters are reduced.


why should BMTC be the sole service provider?

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I feel from Praja team should make efforts to reach BMTC  to get improvements in connectivity by BMTC at Heelalige, Belandur, Karmelaram, Banswadi stations so that  difficulty faced by commuters are reduced.

Or, if they can't do it (which is the reality), at least step aside to let others do it - check this

Muralidhar Rao

Info to BMTC on upcoming new services?

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We can do following

  • Arranging a clear communication from South Western Railway on current services and upcoming services, with timings.
  • Request or pressure BMTC for Train feeder services, just around the timing of these trains at most stations
  • These services need not be branded (like Metro feeder), just need big posters aannouncing these services & the trains around all the Commuter Rail stations

The last item, the poster thing is something volunteers like us can do. First two we can't. How do we do the first two. If SWR can provide a printed schedule of all current and new CRS services, we can only go with it to BMTC to at least get things started.

Already we know the timings of DEMU / EMU Trains running

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Arranging a clear communication from South Western Railway on current services and upcoming services, with timings 

Already we know what time the YH-1, YH-2,  SD-1, Selam Passenger & other Intercity trains are stopping on  Hosur  segment. Simillarly, at Whitefiled station, Cantonment station, Yesvantpur station on NH-4 side,  Yelahanka on New Town side,  Kodigehalli Station, Kengeri Station, Devanhalli,   BMTC need to deploy exclusive services starting from these points to near by places of Distance 5 - 10 Kms at train timings.

I will  prepare the list of current running Trains of DEMU / EMU & Other trains on the different segments and with upcoming new services,  From Praja we should approach BMTC to deploy the services for Commuters.

If we expect SWR to communicate  to BMTC on this,   which will not happen any time. we should do it from Praja side on this, as Praja is already involved with BUS Day, this will further help in getting PT.

Buses connecting SWR trains

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At least for City railway station, SWR is now planning good support for separate direct access for Buses.

For intermediate stations, trains get delayed many times making the logistics tough.

As Murali Sir suggested, we should also try allternate options. Apart from his favourite options, I think we can ask our employers to provide pickup from the nearest stations. Also, we can work with the associations such as Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA). 





Taxi, auto bays planned for passengers at KR Puram station

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Passengers using Krishna Raja Puram (KR Puram) railway station can smile now. With encroachments near the station removed, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is planning to construct bays for autorickshaws and taxis for the convenience of rail passengers.

The South-Western Railways, on its part, can extend the platform and set up a more accessible ticketing and enquiry counters as in the Bangalore City station.

Sudhanshu Mani, division railway manager, South Western Railways, said the BDA was planning to develop part of the area for autorickshaw and taxi bays. “Railways will build the ticketing counter, enquiry counters and also extend the platform entry to this part of the acquired land,” said Mani.

Railways is planning to build a foot over-bridge right from the road to enter the platforms.  


Good to see improvements planned for the important station.  This should help in decongesting crowd below KR Puram Bridge.

Similarly they should plan for Yelahanka station & other station also.

As planned for 3rd entry to Bangalore city station,  same thing SWR should plan for Yesvantpur station 3rd entry from  adjacent to  J P Park side which will help North Bangalore citizens to reach station easily to catch important intercity trains and also will help in reaching METRO at Yesvantpur station.


We can still put a word to BMTC, but SWR words carry weight!

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Sanjeev, SB,

In the upcoming meet with BMTC, we should put across a request for providing the BMTC connection to the railway stations. We should also convey to the BMTC that we could provide more detailed information and request once SWR come out with time table.

Meanwhile, we should convince SWR through DULT to start the service in consultation with BMTC so that last mile service could be addressed.

Let us wait till SWR come out with time table. I am eagerly waiting for July 19th for this.


You may consider the

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You may consider the following also for discussion.

  1. Additional parking facilities at the Railway Stations to encourage suburban train commuters.
  2. A bus shelter with bus bays at all the Railway Stations.