Prestige Shantiniketan Apartment Halt station near ITPL

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Commuter Rail

Halt Railway station just 500 meters from ITPL will help thousands of IT folks to use Suburban Rail. Its high time Industry bodies,  IT companies and  Elected reps should come forward and get the halt station developed






People waiting for evening train to return to City

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People waiting for train behind Prestige Shantiniketan Apaprtmen

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This place is  very close to ITPL and can attract more IT people to make use.


The situation of Krishna Deva

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The situation of Krishna Deva Raya station is very similar. The MLAs and SWR are wasting public money without offering any good facility to commuters.

There are no platforms and people get off the train risking their lives. A badly designed box does the work of a ticket counter. 

I wonder, why nobody from the English/ Kannada media comes and covers the stations, which exist on the non IT sector.

The MLA put up posters all over Vijayanagar touting Krishna Deva Raya station as one of his achievements. This was before the general elections. He should be made to travel on the Ramanagara MEMU along with his son. Siddu can give company to Krishnappa and his son Priya Krishna. He should be forced to take Ramanagara MEMU whenever he wishes to visit his family at Vijayangar. The three should be forced to alight at Krishna Deva Raya station.

Hoody railway station to get facelift soon

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After a report in Deccan Chronicle on the pathetic condition of Hoody railway halt station behind Shantineketan Apartments and near ITPL, Bengaluru Divisional Railway Anil Kumar Agarwal and MP P.C. Mohan inspected the station. Now, Mr Mohan has promised to finance the construction works at the station from his MP fund.

Due to massive traffic jams from Old Airport Road to Varthur Road and Old Madras Road to Whitefield Road, many IT professionals working in ITPL had started opting for passenger trains passing through this station.

Citizens have been demanding the authorities to upgrade the station to facilitate the working class in and around ITPL.

“Earlier, trains used to stop only to pick up the railway staff. Gradually, the public, especially those working in ITPL and surrounding areas too started using the trains passing through this station.

I have been told that even pregnant women make use of these trains and it is quite difficult for them to get into or down from the train in the absence of basic facilities.

The expenditure will be Rs 60-80 lakh. I have promised the authorities to fund the project. I have asked the Railways to prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and work on the design,” Mr Mohan said.

Around 3-4 lakh people travel to ITPL and nearby areas daily. Half of them come in contracted buses or public transport. There seems to be a huge potential for the Railways to earn revenues in this stretch.

“We have asked the MP to fund the railway station project. We are waiting for his consent letter. Once I receive that, I will send it to the GM. After his approval, we will call for tenders.  It will take sometime and may go up to six months,” Mr Anil Kumar Agarwal said.

Since constructing a fly overbridge and other things will cost more, the Railways at present is only looking at constructing basic amenities like platforms. To start with, the station will have two platforms.

The name for the station has not been finalised yet. Mr Agarwal said the DC will decide on the name once the platforms are ready.

Tanisandra railway station Citizens feel that if Bengaluru North MP Sadananda Gowda too takes up a similar initiative and upgrades and opens the Tanisandra railway station, it will benefit the commuters traveling to and from Tanisandra.

Good gesture by MP PC Mohan

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finally ITPL and Whitefield people will have some respite thru suburban rail  Thanks to MP PC Mohan ready to fund the halt station

Hoodi railway station in dire need of infrastructure

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Video shot by techie captures plight of commuters in a station without platform

Hundreds of commuters are getting down from a railway station. As there is no platform around, they are getting down directly on the railway tracks and walking on them for a distance before they hop onto the nearby road. This may look like a scene from a movie, but this is actually a video shot by a HR person to highlight the plight of hundreds of techies who travel by train to Whitefield area every day.

Mahesh Mahadevaiah, who works as a HR professional in a Japanese company in Whitefield, said, "I am a regular commuter and I know the hardship faced by us getting out of the railway station. Hence, I shot the video." The video was shot on December 1 and posted on Facebook. Ever since, it has gone viral with many people wondering how difficult it is to travel to their companies.

Speaking to Mirror, Mahesh said, "I travel from Vijayanagar to Whitefield every day. After getting caught in traffic jams every day, I decided to switch over to train. So, I take the Bengaluru city-Marikuppam train which leaves the city station at 7 am and halts at Hoodi station at 7.45 am. Hoodi station is a technical stop with no platforms around. As there are no ticketing counters, we buy monthly pass to travel in the train. So, everyday, I have seen that around 300 people getting down at the station. So, I wanted to shoot a video on my mobile phone highlighting the plight of rail commuters to Whitefield. If the issue is addressed by introducing more trains, then it will definitely serve the purpose. "

What is plaguing Hoodi station?

There has been a steady increase in employees, especially techies travelling to Whitefield. An estimated six lakh people travel to ITPB and nearby places every day. This has resulted in the main roads (Mahadevapura road, Marathalli road, Kundalahalli road and outer ring road) leading to Whitefield becoming choked with traffic. (It may be noted that the problem became so bad that even the city traffic police revised their plan in the Whitefield area.)

Meanwhile, some of them have tried for an alternative mode of transport: trains. As the Whitefield area is nearer to the Bengaluru-City Jolarpettai railway line, they opted for the train.

A few trains like Bengaluru City-Marikuppam passenger and others were giving a halt at Satellite Goods Terminal Whitefield (SGTWF cabin) which is popularly known as Hoodi station. Prakash Mandoth, an ex-member of Zonal Users' Railway Consultative Committee, said for the last several years around 2,000 people get down at SGTWF which is near Prestige Shantiniketan.

It may be mentioned that in August 2013, around 35 pilgrims were run over by a speeding train at Dhamara Ghat Station in Khagaria district of Bihar. This forced the railways to abolish the Hoodi station.

"The railways initially wanted to abolish the technical halt after the Bihar incident. However, the zonal railway users' consultative committee met in September and took up the issue with railway authorities in the hope that Hoodi station stop would remain as a special case, as it would affect 2,000 commuters if not implemented. We also requested construction of a permanent halt station with all the basic amenities, "Mandoth said.

This was followed by another round of meets with railway officials in October 2013. This was soon followed by a survey for the proposed halt station. The survey was completed in December 2013.

The railways announced the survey results in January 2014 stating that the halt station needed an expenditure of Rs 92,42,430. "Passengers are facing a lot of hardship due to non-availability of basic facilities and are walking on the tracks as they don't have a pathway. The problem becomes worse during the rainy season and many of them end up getting hurt," added Mandoth.
Actual users of this Train need to raise their voice and share their difficulties, then only crying baby will get attention.
Look at how much oney spent at Kodeghalli Railway station just for 3 trains only ???  In such case,  Railway need to priorities which station it is getting more passenger traffic and what facilities need  to be improved.  When this un-official halt station used by more then 3000 people,  Railway could have spent oney here in bringing infrastructure and earn more revenue.

Finally Halt station will be built with MPLAD funds

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This Halt station behind Prestige Shantiniketan close to ITPL will be built with MPLAD funds of PC Mohan at the cost of Rs One Crore,  will help IT folks who r willing to use Suburban Rail / Commuter Rail for Travelling to Whitefield.  These small steps will take the things to next level for Bangalore Commuter Rail

Crowd Funding

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Dear Sanjeev,

       I have great respect for the work you do. Wanted to know if some thing like crowd funding and people driven activies work in such situations/areas like railways ? As said nealry 3 / 4 lac ppl work around White field. Even if we have get around 10000 ppl contributing 10000 rupees then we have 10 Cr. Well i agree it is a way too complicated process. Has such a thing crossed your mind or some one in the past  within the forum has brought such an idea up.

       My thoughts are as below. If you see all these latest technology trends be it FB, Twitter, Flipkart ... all these guys during their early days their main objective is to get ppl on their platform. And once they reach critical mass, then they start monitizing. Flipkart makes 400cr loss every year yet they strive. Twitter too is in loss yet it works. So getting people on board is the key

        Likewise i thought, gradually if people start using suburban train services and each station starts seeing critical mass then railway authorities are forced to believe that there is revenue, not matter what the current research / statistics report say telling that it is unviable. 

        And to bring people onboard if developments like MPLAD funds of 1cr of PC Mohan can do a change for 1 station, why not 10 cr of crowd funded money develop few other stations as well ? Once more people start using the services automatically things around the area develop.




Today P C Mohan and SWR had once again filed visit

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It seems MP P C Mohan along with MLA Arvind Limbawali and SWR officials had re-visit  on the proposed Halt station and few of the citizens made it which was arround 12:30PM.

Now it looks like the proposed station may be shifted towards the Hoody Circle below flyover to have better access to road. 

MP PC Mohan had called us to make it,  because of shorter notice, could not make it,  but other in whiefield like Vaidyanathan, Mahesh made it.

This may be littel bit far from  ITPL.


Travelled from JP Nagar to ITPL by Bus/Metro/Local Train

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Hi All,

I am eager to share my travel experience from JP Nagar to ITPL by public transport ie. Bus/Metro/Local Train.. It was fantastic journey.. It saved almost 1 hr time.. Now I have planned to give off my car journey & switch to this public transport everyday.. Even though I have some hurdles while travelling back to J P Nagar from ITPL..There are no trains after 7PM from Shanthi Nikethana rly station.. So I am using 500CA Bus service..But I am njoing in my morning journey.. Thanks to all who have provided very helpful information about the local train from Baiyappanahalli to Shanthi nikethana Rly station.





Hoody Near to Whitefield will have new railway station soon.

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Good News for all who are tarvelling to Whitefield from city. The TimesofIndia has published article today saying that the design plan of Hoody railway station is completed & going to call tender to start construction and also planned to extend the Nelamangala -Yeshwantput DEMU train to till Whitefield via Hebbal..





Hoody Halt station finally tender out, Thanks to MP PC Mohan

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Provision of high level PF of 450 M each for UP and DOWN line
side, booking office, small bus type shelter @ km 350 to 336/900
as halt station near Hoodi gate between Krishnarajapuram Whitefield stations.

Tender value Rs : 1.37 Crore  duration : 6 months.



Finally MP PC Mohan taking forward the halt station

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Finally small step on the Commuter Rail for BAngalore by MP PC MOhan.

Same gesture will both  GOK and SWR officials show the interest in implementing Commuter Rail / Suburban rail Bangalore????


This Saturday, Foundation for station may happen

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Modification to Traction over head lines due to construction of halt station near Hoodi level crossing gate inbetween Krishnarajapuram and Whitefield Railway stations

Tender Value :  3437117    Period of Completion 5 Months,   called on 15th Dec 2015


Ramanagaram - Mysore Doubling - Construction of platform shelters (IRS type) at Nayandahalli and Ramanagaram stations. (RMMS/141)

Tender Value :  4040534 /-     Period of completion 5 months  Tender called on 16.12.2015


Hoody Halt Station work progress April 2016

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Hoody Station towards KR Puram

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Progress of Hoody halt station

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Freedom Traffic on Independence day : Hoody station should be opened as part of Independence day so that people of Hoody and Whitefield, IT people gets some freedom from the Traffic mess
Hoody halt station and thanks for Krishana Prasad for posting the video. This station was funded by MP PC Mohan

Hoody station : Time to dedicate this to Public

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Hoody Station utilization

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With 10 trains providing stops at Hoody and good number of bus services for last mile connectivity from Hoody station,  within 4 months, it has picked up.

Thanks to MP PC Mohan for gettingt  this station.  Its an example how things can change for better