Other Commuter Rail Study reports for Reference

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Commuter Rail

Hidalgo County Commuter Rail Study


On Page 207 : Public meting held to take opinion of the Public.

On Page 226  : Cost Analysis for the  15 Min Headways and 30 Min Headways.   Good study report which was published  in 2011.

With so many cities are going for Commuter Rail,   its not too late for Bangalore policy makers to invst time and money to provide comfortable public Transport thru Commuter Rail along with METRO, BMTC






Indian Solutions to Suburban Rail Transport by RC Acharya in1997

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Even though this paper presente in 1997,  its very relevant even in today.



Suburban Railway Network of Kolkatta 2012

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Suburban Railway Network of Kolkatta  A Geographical Appraisal

Kolkatta Suburban Rail covers  9 Districts,  320 Railway Stations with 27 Terminal Stations  and taking care  of 20% of city commuting needs. Its under two zones : Eastern and South Eastern Zones of Indian Railway, upto 3 Hrs travell Dist by Suburban Rail.


Observations of the stude is when u move away from the city after 60 Kms,  the popularity of Suburban Rail decreases.  One reason is quality of Suburban Rail decreases after 60 Kms which is very clear as managing will become difficult.

Upto 60  to 90 Min travell time, maximum commuters make use of the Suburban Rail services arround Kolkatta.