New BDA layouts and Commuter Rail stations - Belandur Road, Karmelaram

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0805201054508052010552Following up on post frpm IDS to detail out the Hebbal station, it is worth it to dig deep into possibilities for Belandur Road and Karmelaram Stations.

The case today

Look at the location of the station, and you can see that:

  • Belandur Road can serve the Outer Ring Road corridor (lots of offices there, and more coming up). Commuter Rail can haul people down from West (Yeswanthpur), North (Hebbal) and East (Banaswadi) Bangalore. In theory, you could be living near Anekal or Hosur, and reach this job area in 50 minutes (10 minutes 1st mile +30 minutes train + 10 minutes last mile).
  • Karmelaram can serve the office and residential areas around Sarjapur Road. The case is more for taking commuters from here to the North side (Peenya via Hebbal and beyond), or to South (E-city/Anekal, via Heelalige, Anekal Road)

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A bigger case for tomorrow!

If the case is not strong enough for you, here is a real deal maker. Remember that BDA is working on 5 large layouts in the Bangalore Metro area? Let us remind you about two of them:

  1. D Devaraj Urs Layout: Between Airport Road and Varthur village, spread over 10 villages encompassing 1976 acres and 10 guntas Estimated cost: Rs 1,108 crore for 24,904 sites (different dimensions)
  2. S Nijalingappa Layout: Between Varthur village and up to Sarjapur Road, spread over 8 villages encompassing an area of 2806 acres and 9 guntas Estimated cost: Rs 1,550 crore for 35,451 sites (different dimensions)

Where exactly are these layouts? I haven't seen precise maps, but these two are approximately located between Varthur and Gunjur in East Bangalore Taluk.

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We are talking 60000 sites, potentially over 3 lakh households (!!). And commuter rail is one possible solution to meet their commuting needs.

How does the case look now? Strong enough?



What is BDA planning today for these layouts?

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Well, we know how transparent and proactively disclosing BDA is :) So none of us know much about the plan in the works for the new layouts.

However, going by the current plans, it might be that BDA is looking at following transportation projects to support these new layouts


  • BRT on Peripheral Ring Road. This will touch the two layouts shown here on the outer side.
  • BRT on Outer Ring Road. This has been in the making for ages now, it could be that the new layouts will now provide the necessary business case.
  • BRT on Big-10 routes. G3 or G1? No idea yet.


  • The Extension being talked about  along Varthur Road could be driven by new BDA layout
  • Anything in the works along Sarjapur Road? Not much idea.

Finally, the Commuter Rail:

  • Not much clarity on the route for the mysterious "circular rain" that was hyped up recently
  • And nothing heard about using the track that is already in place, and could take you to North and Central Bangalore from these new layouts in 30-40 minutes or less.

So who knows whats up at BDA on above? If Commuter Rail is not in their plans, is it because they see this as harder to execute? Can they share more with us please?