KR Puram station - no morning rush? no Commuter Rail!

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We had done such rush hour train watch exercises two years ago at Whitefield station. Last week, got a chance to do it at KR Puram station. Had to be at KR Puram station early in the morning for a pick up. Was there on Friday, 6th April, from 7.05 am to 8.25 am. From commuter rail perspective, that would be rush hour, right?

During these 90 minutes:

  • Total number of trains that passed through KR Puram station was 6!
  • 4 inbound (towards city), 2 outbound (towards Whitefield)
  • Only 1 freight train, rest passenger trains

6 in 80 minutes, 1 every 13 minutes. Lets assume 2 trains missed their slots due to delay etc, even then the passage would be 1 every 10 minutes.

What on earth prevents upping this to 1 every 5 minutes, and squeezing in 5 commuter train from Malur to at least Byappanahalli of Cantt? One problem would be time and space required for terminating trains at Byp or say Cantt (For a Commuter Train would have to reverse directions, switching from left side track to right side track would block the entire direction for 2-3 minutes).



Free Tracks & Parking @ SBC

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Railways is showing negligance towards running commuter rail because it would need more staff to monitor the signals and a more advanced signalling system as in other Metros and Hyderabad. In Hyderabad MMTS local runs on the existing double tracks only and if u happen to travel in MMTS one thing what we can see is if u are travelling in any one tracks and u just observe the opposite track,u will see atleast 2trains in a interval of 4mins between two stations. As in Hyderabad Local trains are parked at night at end stations like Lingampally and Falaknama in Banglore we Can park trains at Bidadi,Kengeri,White Field & Nayandhalli as lines are doubled and in these stations only Mainlines i.e. PF 2&3 are the PFs that are used and other 2PF will always be free and only sometimes we see some engines parked but that too occasionally.

In hyderabad train no 12737/38 Goutami express after maintanance at secunderabad is parked at Lingampally a station which is 25KM from secunderabad. so if properly planned by SWR during daytime after maintanance 1train can be parked at nayandhalli which is just 7km from sbc and also 1train can be parked at kengeri which is just 12kms from sbc. so we can get 2tracks free at sbc which will allow for parking of long distance trains at side tracks which were occupied by these trains after maintanance.

Chamundi exp can be parked at Nayandhalli as this train will be just parked from mor10 to 5pm at nayandahalli and can be brought back to sbc at 5.15pm 1hr before its schedule departure of 6.15pm.


Parking Chamundi Exp in Whitefield instead of SBC?

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Chamundi Express and Pushpull passengers are widely used by office commuters coming to Bangalore. Pushpull will proceed towards Tumkur and Chamundi is parked in SBC. Instead, if Chamundi Express is extended upto Whitefield and parked there, it would  give connectivity as a commuter rail from Mysore working at Whitefield. It reaches SBC at 9:50 AM. By that time, the Bangarpet passenger leaves SBC. Those coming in Chamundi Express cannot catch Bangarpet Passenger. If this can start at 10:15 at SBC, it would be helpful.

Chamundi EXp

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Chamundi Exp cannot be extended to White Field due to 2 Reasons

1. There is Banglore-Bangarpet Demu connectivity train for People Traveelling towards white field and If u are at SBC at 9.40 u can see many people changing train.

If u travel in bangarpet MEMU it has good speed but it stops for about 5mins at BYPL and KR puram as it will be trailing another train i.e. track utilisation is beeing done in a gap of ten mins so after the front train reaches next station the MEMU Pass is allowed to leave the station.

2. Chamundi Exp belongs to Mysore Div and not SBC Div and it las LCD TVs in all compartments  so this train is locked in Banglore at 10 in mor and opened at 5in eve wen it is put to PF from Parking Track besideds PF4.

Earlier this train was run as special EXp from Banglore to Hindupur at 10 in Mor and Even the Boards were Painted and it was run for about 1month but after its run about 5tvs and many seats were damaged and many sentences were written on Coaches and they Withdrew this Train as this is one of the Prestiguious EXp Trains of Mysore Div apart From Tippu Exp which also has TV i.e Infotainment on Wheels. Only Mysore Div Trains of SWR has TV on Trains. Siddganga Intercity Exp,Banglorwe-Shimoga Intercity Exp trains which have Info on Wheels also Belong To Mysore Division. But later they ran another rake comprising of 12 coaches for 3months and withdrew citing lack of Passengers and also Rake Problem.

So this train will not for sure get extended and so for Parking Purpose they can Use Nayandali.






Post Meeting Details on Given Sites

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Please give Details of the Meeting in following FB Pages,Groups & site to make more Railfans Participate.


Please post the event on FB and also post it in this group

which Belongs to Krishna Byre gowda for Better Banglore.


Also Post in this group

which has many SBC(Banglore) Rail Fans.


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Chamundi EXp

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A blogger has posted that Chamundi Express is put to PF from Parking Track besideds PF4. But. this train wil be idle in the platform 6 and it wil not be moved to parking area

- With Regards,

Vijeth N Bharadwaj

Chamundi Exp & other Exp Trains Parking @ SBC

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Chamundi Exp will be stationed in yard besides PF4 during afternoon on most of the DaysThere are 12 trains that are Stationed from Morning to Evening at SBC. The major trains are

KK Exp/Chennai mail (KK Exp from Aft to Night & Chenai Mail From Mor to Eve)

Kachegudda Exp (From mor to Eve 11Hrs)

Rajdhani Exp( from Mor to Night 13Hrs)

Rani Chennamma( Mor to Night 13Hrs)

Udyan Exp( Mor to Night 11Hrs)

Kanyakumari Exp( Mor to Night 14Hrs)

TVC/Kochuveli Exp( Mor to Night  12Hrs)

Guwhati Exp/Darbanga Exp(Aft to night11Hrs)

Nanded Exp ( Mor to Night 17Hrs)

Chamundi Exp(Mor to Eve 8Hrs)

So in the above trains

KK Exp, Chennai Mail, Udyan Exp, Guwhati ,Jodhpur Exp, Nanded exp are Banglore SBC Div trains and have their Primary maintanance @ SBC.

Kanyakumari Exp, Rajdani exp,Trivendrum Exp have their secondary maintanance @ SBC

Kacheguda Exp is stationed on PF2 & Chamundi Exp on PF6 most of times in mor & eve but during afternon Udyan/Cape Exp is stationed on PF2 wen KCG exp is sent for maintanance and 

Chamundi Exp is moved to yard besides PF4 during  afternoon and Rani Chennammawill be stationed and after Udyan,Jodhpur & Nagercoil Exp are Washed then Rani Chennamma is moved to Wash Tracks beside PF 10 & Chamundi will be Parked Pack at PF6 by 3.30 or 4.

Ernakulam Exp is beeing parked at Bang Cant.




New terminii required for Bangalore

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Bangalore, on the lines of Mumbai must have multiple rail hubs and each of them must be developed into a terminus. Bangalore City station must be re-modelled to accommodate both local trains and long distance trains ; a huge chunk of land is actually wasted in this station. The railways must acquire the land occupied by Binny Mills and shift the pit lines and maintenance yards there. New lines like the ones between Bidadi-Anekal road, Bidadi-Yeshwantpur and by-pass trains like the ones going to / coming from Mysore which move to places like Chennai / Ajmer etc, must be diverted along these routes, so that more space is available at the major stations.

A huge chunk of land is available next to Yeshwantpur station as well. A new terminus could be developed in that portion while the existing station could be used a stop-over station for trains coming from / going to Bangalore City for both local and long distance trains. The same model could be followed in Byappanahalli station as well.


Banglore Bangarpet Pass with

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Banglore Bangarpet Pass with New DEMU Rake


looks good..  

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looks good..


 **With Train No 56513/4

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DEMU & MEMU Trains

From Banglore To Bangarpet/Hosur/Devanahalli

From Bangarpet/Hosur/Devanahalli Towards Banglore

**With Train No 56513/4 Banglore Salem Pass Extended upto Nagore & SWR getting New DEMU Rake, Banglore Dharmapuri pass will be Run using the Old DEMU Rake of Bangarpet Pass shortly after Salem Pass gets Extended.


thanks Hemant

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Late reply here, but thanks Hemant for the pics and time table. With RITES report (we are on it on other threads) out, we are one step closer.