If you work in tech park / e-city type places - do read, important

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Commuter Rail

Need your inputs and help please. Some of us are planning on an awareness campaign for Namma Railu aka demand for Commuter Rail Service. If you work in a tech park like place, or in large offices, wanted to check on a few things:

  • If you would be able to help put up a banner / posters in your canteen/reception like common area
  • Would be able to put an appeal in email lists at your work-place, or large groups you may have access to
  • What precise help and support would you require from Namma Railu team to do this. ex:
    • Putting up soft copies of poster/banner here is good enough (you print yourself), or you would like us to print and courier to you?
    • A template for email is good, or you need help to draft the full email?

We are thinking of a mentioning an easy to remember petition/FB/survey type page that will be listed on all these banner/poster/emails so that we leave scope for some token action for the readers who'd like to show more interest.

Your ideas on this are also welcome. But the idea is to plan this well with clear crisp messages on what the project is and how it will benefit (material is already there, we will update and redo if necessary), and how to stay in touch with the campaign.

Please do read and forward to those who will like to help shape this synchronized awareness campaign.



if you have lots ...

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... of thoughts and ideas on this, please indicate via a comment here that you will like to be contacted, and we will reach out to you to speak with you.

We already have a few ideas,

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We already have a few ideas, I mention below, for which we need your help and contacts.

(1) We need to reach out of more and more of IT people, one of the way is through email-lists (like every office or building have blr specific email-list where they discuss or ask for reviews etc). We need people who can take responsibility of sending out mails to these groups, this means, we need one responsible for one building/company.

(2) Through social media, using FB page and twitter, we will be keeping everyone updated about the new developments in this case, we request all the readers, who are in agreeement should help us in spreading namma railu FB page to more and more friends of theirs.

(3) We are looking for some partners like -

Radio partner - some FM channel (we would like both hindi and kannada channels)

Media partner - TV9 or some other local popular channel

Print Media partner - some newspaper

So, if you have any contacts in any FM channel, TV news channel, or newspaper, please let us know, so that we can talk to them and see if we can go in this partnership.

Anyone else, having any such ideas, please leave a comment so that we can contact you.



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