First woman to drive the MMTS on Women's Day

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On Women’s Day, the South Central Railway has decided to harness woman power to drive a train. S Satyavathi will become the first independent woman loco pilot, when she runs out the Falaknuma-Lingampalli Mathrubhoomi Ladies Special MMTS on Thursday. Satyavathi, who joined the Railways as assistant loco pilot in 1999 at Bengaluru, was later transferred to the Secunderabad division. She was promoted as loco pilot (goods) in September 2005 and had been shuttling goods trains in and around Hyderabad before her present promotion

You can see how MMTS is moving ahead where as Bangalore is struck with Buracrats and Politicans on Commuter rail in the name of  METRO  &  HSRL.

Even in Bangalore their are few buses run for ladies / women and their is no special trains for women in SWR.

GoK  & SWR should be ashamed of the backwardness in bangalore on these. 





I want to see when will Bangalore will get exclusive women Train

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With so much traffic problem,  Bangalore should have been provided the services of exclusive Commuter Trains for women between Bidadi to Bangarept and Bangalore city to Tumkur.

Similarly in BMRC too should make the move.


That will be a tall order!

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Womens Exclsuive train would be tall order given that there isn't anything existing today that city can boost in terms of 'Decent' mass transit infrastructure. What we have is all tokenism at present like Bus Day, Metro etc.

Left with no significant action from govt quarters, people are making their own arrangements even if it mean more vehicles on road, more jams and exposing the inadequate infarstructure that exist in city.

These things need a vision and vision for our political class is next election.


Train between bangalore and Gauribidanur

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Everyday nearly a 1000 persons travel between bangalore and Gauribidanur. There is this train from Hindupur to bangalore in the morining which returns in the eveing helping all sorts of people to reach bangalore city and return reasonably comfortably and with minimum travel fare.

However there is no such train facility from Bangalore to Gauribidanur that helps people living in bangalore but required to reach Gauribidanur and nearby places for work/small business and reach the City in the evening. Earlier the Prashanti express was serving this purpose. There is an urgent need to introduce such a facility.