Facts of SWR claims of tracks over crowded exposed with starting of new Trains

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The railway ministry has announced two new trains between Bangalore Cantonment to  Bangarpet, and between Bangarpet to Marikuppam from Friday.

Following the requests from the people of Bangalore, Bangarpet, KGF, Malur, and other places, Union Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa has agreed to operate one more extra train between Bangalore Cantonment and Bangarpet

Train number 06507 will depart from Bangalore Cantonment at 11 am and will reach Bangarpet at 12.50 pm.

In the reverse direction, train number 06508 will leave Bangarpet at 3.30 pm and reach Bangalore Cantonment at 5.20 pm.

Train number 06509 will depart from Bangarpet at 9.40 pm and reach Marikuppam.

The train will depart Marikuppam at 10.40 and reach Bangarpet at around 11:45. Both the trains will start operating from Friday


This is good  answer to our SWR claims that Biyappanahalli to Bangalore city station is over crowded.   Truths about SWR claims is exposed. 

MoS should push for Commuter Rail which will benifit over all citizens.  One more pair of Train added to Commuter Rail list.




Same train could have been extended upto Yesvantpur at Biyappana

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This new Traincould have been diverted upto Yesvantpur  instead of Bangalore Cant as METRO is going to serve the Biyappanahalli to Cant.   Already Cant to Biyappanhalli are well served by existing Passanger Trains. Their is no  passanger  Train between Yesvantpur to Biyappanhalli

 BMRC has to wake up to reality that Commuter Rail will take shape imay be in  different form. Commuters will have choice beteen BMTC, METRO & Commuter Rail soon.  Take case of Biyappanahalli  to Catonmnet, its served by SWR with  more then dozen trains,  commuters will keep using SWR and further additions like these small things will further patronize the Commuter Rail over long period.

Re: Same train could have been extended upto Yesvantpur at Biyap

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Sanjeev said "as METRO is going to serve the Biyappanahalli to Cant".

There is no metro station neat Bangalore Cantt. On the contrary, metro would connect Yeshwantpur to Biyappanahalli eventually.