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Sent this email to Public relations officer of South Western Railway. If you too are a believer in potential of Commuter Rail, please join in, and email the PRO. More the better. Here is what I sent, can be used as your template.


Chief Public Relations Officer, South Western Railway, Hubli
Phone : +91 836 2360747
Email : cpro [at]

Dear Sir,

Ever Since RITES CTTP recommended commuter rail service for Bangalore, we have been waiting for action from South Western Railway. Recently, we have been hearing a lot about Circular Railway and Commuter Rail services for Bangalore Metropolitan Area. Could you please clarify if SWR is considering working on either of these projects. Please also clarify on the difference between Circular and Commuter Rail.

Is SWR planning to work on such projects on its own or along with the State Government? We have read in papers that Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) of Government of Karnataka may be working with you on Commuter Rail related projects. Could you share the minutes of last 2 meetings held between IDD and SWR?

We will appreciate a crisp public statement to update residents of Bangalore Metropolitan area on the status of Circular or Commuter Rail.

A concerned Bangalorean, and member,



Yes we will all of us do this

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This is really good idea.

I will send the mail to PRO of SWR Hubli  and also will send the same by post.

Hope every Praja Members  do this little bit so that pressure comes on the concerned  authorities.

Did you get any response?

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Excellent idea, but we want to work with them and not scare them :)

If we push it too hard it might look like we are poking our noses to bother them. The message should be clear that we are here to help them.

They never respond

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I have been trying for 6 months now, at least 6 emails, but never seen any response from PRO email id.

Could be that flooding them with same questions may get a reponse. If not, then RTI would do it, which will be posted this week, positively.

Did you know there is an

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Did you know there is an "Expert" committee headed by Sam Pitroda for implementing ICT in Indian Railways. The website is  here and it is blank except for the org chart which I expected to be created before any work gets done.


I had to write the below mail to the contact listed



Dear Mr Adval
What a useless website you have. It is blank. How will you drive ICT implementation if you cant even put out what you are going to do on a website properly?