CRS - Minutes of Nov 17th Meeting (Shared by PS, IDD) !

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Commuter Rail

Dear Prajagale,

I would like to share the minutes of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Dr. Amita Prasad, IAS, Principal Secretary, UDD to examine the RITES report on "Implementation of Commuter Rail Service in Banaglore.

Thanks to Dr. Rajkumar Khatri, IAS, for sharing this meeting minutes with me in response to my email request.

Highlights of the Meeting:

  • DULT to move a proposal for acquisition of Binny Mill Land for CRS Purpose.
  • For Phase 1A, Procuerment of 5 MEMU rakes, 4 Pitlines at Byappanhalli, 2 Pitlines at Yeswantpur.
  • RITES to submit another report with:
    • Examine provision of Maintenance lines in Phase 1 A.
    • Platform requirements to support 16 coaches
    • To recommend institutional arrangements and financing mechanism for implementing the project
  • DULT to proceed further after the submission of new report from RITES.

CRS Meeting Minutes Nov 17th

CRS-Meeting-Minutes-Nov 17th.pdf573.49 KB


BLR-Doddaballapur, BLR-Bangarpet not in consideration?

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Surprised that DULT/IDD/UDD has not conisdered the BLR-Doddaballpur and BLR-Bangarpet corridors in consideration of CRS proposals.

When will these decisions go for Cabinet Approval & IR

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Thanks Syed for getting this info.

Segments  proposed are Bangalore - Bangarpet, Bangalore - Mandya,  Tumkur &  later Hosure in Ph 1a.
Other segments  will be their in Ph1, Ph2

To Start this services,  basically 5 MEMU rakes of 8 coaches to 16 coaches,  1 pit line at Baiyyapanahalli,  2 additional pit lines at Yesvantpur.

Initial investment for upgradation of Singalling & reducing block size & other station  improvments to-gether proposal will be in the range of 400 Crore. 

This time GOK & Railways should take up this seriously.  Its surprising that Complet Team of BMRC was present in this meeting where as they never attended any meeting CRS earlier.



I like the intention that BDA

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I like the intention that BDA should be involved in the Yeswantpur Hosur line for TOD as it passes right thru the Eastern ORR IT corridor, however I doubt the capability of the current crop of people on all sides of the babudom to be able to do anything about it. Let us see how much BDA is interested in doing anything other than layout formation. 


DPR or Feasibility Report?

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From the minutes it is not clear whether RITES is asked to submit a 'Feasibility Report, given the understanding of BMRCL chief that the 2012 report is 'Pr-Feasability' report. Also it is not very clear about direction to do a DPR.


Institutional arrangements & Financing Mechanisms!

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I didn't quite understood the last but one bullet point on page# 4,

"...To recommend institutional arrangements and financing mechanism for implementing the project.."

Both points are there in the 2012 RITES report.

On institutional arrangements, If you read RITES Final Report, Sec 10.5, Recommendations and Suggestions, there is a road map for rolling out CRS:

  1. Formation of BCRC (Bangalore Commuter Rail Corporation)
  2. Scope out its mandate - CRS Implementation:
  • Identifying and freezing the list of projects that should form initial mandate of BCRC.
  • Doing techno-economic survey of these projects.This stage involves preliminary field survey and making preliminary technical specifications of the project and making preliminary estimate.
  • Drafting the constitution and structure of SPV, its scope, role of different constituents of SPV, equity share holding etc.
  • Making out a formal proposal to GOI.e. Holding series of meetings with GOI until the SPV becomes reality.

Also Section 10.6, lays out a high level but substantive details about financial arrangements that GOK can consider for funding CRS cost needs.

I am not sure what is that DULT/IDD/UDD is looking for?


Hope Govt. will be there till

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Hope Govt. will be there till its approved...


More trains from city after land swap & Okalipuram Corridor

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The state government’s offer to provide 3.16 acres of land to the railways in exchange for railway land acquired for the proposed eight-lane corridor at Okalipuram will help the railways develop infrastructure and introduce more trains from Bangalore City Railway Station.

The railways can use the land to convert the present half shunting neck, used for attaching or detaching bogies to the engines, into a full shunting neck which enables them to change one full train consisting of 20 or 24 bogies at one go. At present the railways have to form a train by detaching and attaching bogies twice, often delaying trains. Moreover, this gives railways space to park trains and convert one of the existing stabling lines next to Platform No 10 into a platform. This would help railways introduce eight additional pairs of trains from the crowded station.

At present, there are 10 platforms at the station which handles around 150 trains, including 56 pairs of trains. Despite a demand for starting more trains from the station, the railways have not been able to do so and have been introducing new trains from Yeshwantpur.

Senior divisional commercial manager N Ramesh said, “The state government has to hasten the acquisition process and hand over the Binny Mill land to help us develop the much needed infrastructure and enhance efficiency. We have given them the clearance to acquire our land. We cannot say anything about converting the stabling line into a platform as the railway board has to approve the construction of new platforms.”

Foundation laid for 8-lane corridor at Okalipuram

Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar on Thursday laid the foundation stone for the eight-lane signal-free corridor at Okalipuram, paving the way for an ambitious project aimed at easing traffic at the highly congested junction

The project, with an estimated cost of Rs 183.77 crore, will have road underbridges, loops and an underpass. The construction work will be carried out at an estimated cost of Rs 115 crore while Rs 58.8 crore will be spent on land acquisition.

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, which is executing the work, has already acquired about three acres from Binny Mill and given in exchange for the South Western Railways land.

Addressing people after laying the foundation stone, Shettar said the project would be a model for coordination between the various State and Central government departments such as Railways, BSNL, Bescom and the BWSSB, to materialise the project that will ease traffic at one of the worst bottleneck junctions in the City

BBMP is spending so much money on this,  also acquiring the land from Binny Mill,  also they are investing in ROB / RUB's for Railways in Bangalore to the range of 100 Crore from BBMP, 

IDD is invetsing in Hassan - Nelamangala Line & Bangalore - Mysore doubling & Electrification,

Railway is investing in doubling of Yelahanka - Yesvantpur,  Yelahanka - Channasandra,  Electrification between Yelahanka - Dodballapur part of Guntakal line and  Station improvements by SWR arround Bangalore.

With so much inevstment going  related to Railway projects arround Bangalore,  why is it that CM of Karnataka & MP''s from Bangalore keeping quite on the COmmuter Rail project and contributing in further delay by GOK

Why not Land Swap between SWR Baiyyappanahalli & Binny Mill

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SWR has arround 100 acre of Land at Baiyyappanahalli and another 60 acers of Yesvantpur station.

Now GOK should  hand over complet land at Binny Mill to SWR and same time ask SWR to give the land at Baiyyappanhalli or Yesvantpur in exchange.  This way Commuter Rail can see the light of the day for Bangalore.

Will CM & MP's have guts to take this decision and force railway Board to act on it ???

Don't go by news reports!

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I would suggest we read news with pinch of salt. This is very much true in this case as there is not enough credible information available in public domain regarding the Binny mill land.

How much is the total land? Who actually owns it? etc. There are litigation in the court from etc. ETA Star Properties has announced its development project. So things are not very clear.

Map of Binny Mill -

Courtesy -ETA Star Property Developers Ltd.

Therefore let us not get excited with this news instead, let us find out the truth about Binny Mill Land.

From Registration Department? From High Court? From GOK - Chief Secretary?

I mean 3 Acer of Land from BBMP from Binny Mill, why not comple

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When BBMP can make move for 3 acers inexchange of Okalipuram,  why GOK / BBMP / IDD / DULT make bold move to acquire the complet  land from Binny Mill  and ask Railway to exchange the equivalent land at Baiyyappanahalli / Yesvantpur.

This is wokable solution and as Binny Mill land owner can get the land at Baiyyappanhalli in exchange at city station. This whole process to be facilitated by GOK / MP's with  strong commitments.  Other wise things will be hanging for city station & it will not be never ending issue.

Bangalore South MP Shri Ananth Kumar Writes to CM

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Bangalore south MP writes letter  to CM o clear the Projec and send  the approval o GOI.

Other Bangalore MP's Central  and Bangalore North  should wrie letter to CM

really good work Sanjeev

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Unfortunately the CM will be busy  saving his seat for now..not sure how much he can look into this!