CRS Campaign - Email and Letters to MPs

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Having come this far in the pursuit of camaigning for 'Namma Railu', I have started a 'Email & Letter' campaign to all the MPs from Karnataka specially who belongs to the CRS jurisdication and those who can make things happen.

As a first step, a personal letter addressed to each of the following MPs have been couriered (From USA) along with a copy of the 'Call to Action Report' and 'Why Bengaluru CRS Makes sense - Socio Economic Benefit Anaysis' documents.

  1. Shri. Venhaiah Naidu
  2. Shri. S M. Krishna
  3. Shri. Veerappa Moily
  4. Shri. Rajeev Chandrashekhar (Email)

Here is the content of the letter sent to Shri. Venkaiah Naidu.



Shri. Venkaih Naidu
MP, Rajya Sabha

Respected Sir,

     Subject: Commuter Rail Service in Bengaluru

I am contacting you for your esteem help and support for getting ‘Commuter Rail Service’ for the city of Bengaluru.

As a Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha from Karnataka, your services and support to the people of Karnataka and Bengaluru in particular as is very well known and deserves appreciation. I would like to submit the following for your kind attention and consideration.

You must be aware of daily commute and traffic challenges in Bengaluru. The city is in urgent need of multiple commuter services for sustainability and economic well being. In this regard the present government has taken many initiatives including Namma Metro, Monorail, expansion of BMTC fleet, Airport HSRL project etc. Experts are of opinion that all these services will not be able to meet the city’s commuter needs in short term and long term. In addition the exorbitantly high cost of housing is putting stress and strain on workers who have to commute long distances to reach offices and factories.
In this respect, a group of civic enthusiast representing, an online platform for civic activism, has come up with a proposal for ‘Commuter Rail Service’ for Bengaluru city. This would be an excellent urban commuter service complimenting other commuter services. In association with ‘Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP)’ has drafted a “Call to Action Report for Bengaluru Commuter Rail Service”. This report has been submitted to the Government of Karnataka and as well as Indian Railway Board for further perusal.

The proposal is to connect the various hubs in Bengaluru city to its various surrounding towns of Tumkur, Ramanagaram, Doddaballapur, Chikkaballapur, Malur, Anekal and Hosur. Each one of these towns has the potential to become a ‘Growth Center’. These growth centers are significant because they are currently not very heavily populated despite their close proximity to Bengaluru. They have sufficient headroom for growth and are approximately within one hours traveling distance from Bengaluru. The catchment areas in between will also have the potential to grow with rail connections.

With ever increasing of daily traffic snarls in the city, the commissioning of commuter rail service has become essential and an urgent need.

The benefits of the Commuter Rail Service are multifold.

  1. With 6 Routes connecting 6 growth centers at a frequency of 24 trains per day per route, 375 kilometers and 50 Lakh people can be covered.
  2. Availability of labor for growth of the already established economic ecosystem
  3. Decongestion of the city.
  4. Increased efficiency in commute times.
  5. Affordable housing for lower & middle classes.
  6. Significantly lower capital expenditure on transport infrastructure.

Given these immense socio-economic benefits and urgent need of the city, I humbly request you to take up this project with the government of Karnataka and Union Railway Ministry for the early approval and implementation at the earliest.

I would also humbly request you to use your good office to impress upon the Karnataka Chief Minister to issue the necessary directions for immediate action.

Enclosed is the copy of the ‘Call to Action Report’ along with Socio-Economic Benefits of Bengaluru CRS for your reference and perusal.

Thank you very much in advance for the needful help in the matter.

Best Regards,



Good work Syed, requesting all the MPs to demand the CR

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Hope all the MP's elected from Bangalore and its SUburbs show their support strongkly by writting a letter to Railway Minister and PM. 

Its high time,  if planning does not happen for Commuter Rail,  then traffic will be the worst problem form Bangalore as exponential growth happening in all radial directions.

Soon Bangalore will be worst city to  leave & work if the Integrated Transport  with METRO, BMTC & COmmuter Rail is not planned.  No master plans will help if these simple things are not put in place.

BSY-Muniyappa bonhomie on right track

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The mutual admiration shared by Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa and Union Minister of State for Railways KH Muniyappa appears to have had some positive outcome. Soon after the presentation of Railway Budget 2010-11, both praised each other at various functions about their contributions to development

The state government has been demanding a commuter railway system in Bangalore to decongest the traffic in city areas. Cutting across party lines, the combination of the two senior politicians seems to have immensely benefited the state.  

Acknowledgment from Law Minister Dr. M Veerappa Moily!

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computer rail service

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Very sad to see the personal secretary of Moily cant understand difference between a computer and a commuter.