Commuter Rail Article in IT / ITES

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Commuter Rail

Commuter Rail / Local Trains will benefit the following areas and segment of Citizens:

  • Professionals working in major IT hubs like ITPL, Sarjapur Road, Marathalli, and Hebbal
  • People working in Auto hubs Bidadi & Hosur, Textile hubs Dodballapur, Agri hub Malur, and Industries around Anekal, Yelahanka, Dabaspet & Tumkur
  • Workforce at BIAL, upcoming IT hubs, Health city, Financial District, Aero City, and International Conventional centre near Devnahalli Airport
  • Students of major educational institutions like two Universities, several Engineering / Medical / MBA colleges & other institutions
  • Big Hospitals, Parks / amusement centres, Shopping Malls located near to the Railway Tracks
  • Major upcoming residential areas like Yelahanka, Suryanagar, KHB, Bidadi, Arkavathi Layout, Kengeri, Nelamangala, Chandapur & Hosur
  • Commuter Rail will be integrated with Bangalore METRO at Byappanahalli, Yesvantpur, Nayandhalli
  • People travelling by Intercity Trains can use Commuter Rail at Yelahanaka, Yesvantpur, Hosur, KR Puram, Kengeri, Tumkur to reach their nearest places of residence

More and more people should demand the Commuter rail for Bangalore,  with RITES in the process of completing the report,  things should move to next step.

Recently went by Yesvantpur - Hosur after-noon train to do shopping at Dechathlon sports outlet on Sarjapur road, near Karmelaram station.  DEMU rake was really good looking and its more comfortable for journey. Shop was 500 mts from station. After doing shoping for 2 hrs, took same train back to Yesvantpur.  In overall,  4 hrs,  did journey,  completed sports shopping and with comfort journey by train.

On return journey,  Train was full & some village womens were sitting on the floor next to door enjoying evening breeze. Maximum passengers got down at Banswadi, Hebbal & Lottegolahalli,  very few passengers went to Yesvantpur in the return journey.   

This shows how Origin / Destination ( O & D ) studies with good maths model  can fail if we are not checking the ground reality of passengers  travell patterns.






Gathering in support of commuter Rail

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Can we meet to organise a sufficiently big gathering in support of commuter rail

With Increase in Petrol Prices, What about Public Transport ???

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With cost of Travell by individual vechiles going up,  if we do't have good & effective  public  transport ,  cost will keep going up.

With so many modes of Public Transport in Bangalore planned on paper,  poor on integration between them  like BMTC, TTMC, METRO, Commuter Rail, Mono Rail, Taxi's, Auto's,   tarvelling in Bangalore will be expensive & will take more time to travell small distance.

Worst affected are the daily wage workers,  low end salary earners, students  if we do not get the good public transport like Commuter rail integrated with METRO, BMTC

Meet this Saturday @ 3 PM

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Sanjeev has arranged for a meeting with Mr Nidhin of  ITHR and Vinay Srinivas from Hasiru Usiru to take this forward.

When: May 26th - 3 PM

Venu : Alternate Law Forum
             122 / 4 ,  Infantry road,  Opposite to Infantry Wedding Hall
              Close to Medinova Diagnostic Center.
Requesting more numbers attend and help Namma Railu.

Meeting was good with moe support coming in

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We had good meeting  on Saturday with ITHR & Hasiru Usiru members with 9 people coming together  on the issue.

We dicussed on how to take forward the Commuter Rail project which is beeing neglected by GoK & Elected representatives who are busy in chopping of Trees, scratching others back,  busy in musical chair game.

Thanks to Gurumurthy, Anitha, Sridhar, Nidhin, Kamalakar, Hemanth, Ravichander, Sathya making for the meet. Vinay Srinivas was to attend other meeting, so he could 't make it.

Looking for more support for Commuter Rail.  Already Tumkur MP G S Basavaraj is fully supporting and doing follow up with GoK  &  Indian Railways.

Following railway infrastructure projects getting push arround Bangalore city :

1. Chikabanavar - Nelamangala new Railway line of 14 Kms cleared by Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety on 1st May'2012

2. Already doubling of Yesvantpur - Yelahanka & Yelahanka - Channasandra is in full swing.

3. Bayyiappanahalli is getting upgraded to thrid terminal in Bangalore with Rs 15 Crore project.

4. Yelahanka  Dodballapur railway line is getting  Electrified as part of Yelahanka - Guntakal line.

5. Chikballapur - Kolar Railway line will be opened soon in next 6 months for passenger traffic.

6.  METRO  station at Bayyiappanahlli, Yesvantpur & Nayndahalli stations will need effective commuter rail.

7.   25 to 30  RUB / ROB's  are already sanctioned in and arround BBMP area where BBMP is contributing 50% of the project cost so that railway gates are completley eleiminated in BBMP area's

Above factors in every aspect help the Commuter Rail implementation.

Lets see how the authorities show the urgency to implement the Commuter Rail with above developments.


Any proposals?

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Thanks for the update. Any propsoals that were discussed? Street Events? new Campaigns?



Bangalore could get suburban rail too

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RITES is ready to hand over the feasibility study to the Directorate of Urban Land Transport(DULT). "Its feasibility study will be completed by May-end and submitted anytime now. Once this is read and understood, stakeholders can meet to take the project forward," V Manjula, commissioner, DULT told TOI.


Welcome news after a long

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Welcome news after a long wait. But the proposed routes are disappointing.

Proposed route -- Distance (km)

Ramanagaram to Kengeri - 32

Baiyyapanhalli to Hosur - 41

Tumkur to Yeswanthpur - 64

Yelahanka to Doddaballapur - 24


Am I missing something here?

Posted on different thread

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As CTTP2007  & CDP2015  could  not  provide any help to citizens,  i am afraid if the way Commuter Rail segments are proposed by  IDD / DULT / GoK,   looks like drection efforts from Govt is  is to prove that Commuter Rail / Suburban Trains  in Bangalore should endup failing.

Dog in the manger

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The segment list seems to indicate that the heavy rail will end up being used like a last mile connectivity to the metro. I think this is an unwise move by the GoK. Whoever is advising these segments need to relize that this will not stand up to scrutiny by experts. It is important that they not try to over engineer public transport to protect vested interests. Make honest attempts to run true public transport for the people & every mode will be full & used properly. 

Example of why this will not work, commuter rail can allow bicycles & luggage for daily workers & long distance travellers, metro doesnt, so people will come to these end stations & not be able to use the metro. So both metro & commuter rail lose.

I have hope if the below statement from the same article is true because if the trains do not go across the city they might as well not be done & the GoK face the public on why Bangalore is the only city which is not going to get commuter rail

"Sources in DULT told TOI the trains could be moving in directions along inter-changeable routes like a train from Ramanagaram to Kengeri can also head up to Yeswanthpur and travel towards the Yelahanka-Doddaballapur line too"


And all this is for 2027 - we

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And all this is for 2027 - we will all be dead by then...

I am really optimistic this

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I am really optimistic this time..CRS will start..eagerly waiting for the RITES report to see whats in store...I am sure sanjeev,sathya,syed and hemanth all are waiting for the same !! have a great week end.


RITES final report submitted

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RITES has sent its feasibility study to the DULT on Saturday... Meanwhile, the IDD as demanded the report from the DULT, sources said. The officials in DULT have sought time to go through the report and add their comments, recommendations or suggestions for the IDD to take it up major (sic)


Whoes Interest DULT & IDD are proposing this type of Commuter Ra

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Finally some thing is happening from DULT and now IDD may make changes further to suitable to their needs and not as per commuter needs

Hope the Authorities are littel bit sensitive to the needs  of Commuters and should respect the commuter travell patterns and need.

Its really sad state that even elected representative needs are not considered.



CRS is dead even before it is born?

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Good Job BMRCL for killing CRS before even it is born?

It is not very hard to understand what is the grand plan here. Somehow keep METRO as the best show piece B'lore can have. For that everything else should be derailed. What the heck whether it is in public interest or not?.

There is no other way to look at it. The only powers/egos that are beings taken care is that of BMRCL and nothing else.

Let anybody given one cogent benefit from running CRS on these routes?

Ramnagaram to Kengeri—32km

Baiyyapanhalli to Hosur—41km

Tumkur to Yesvanthpur—64km

Yelahanka to Doddaballapur—24km