City to get commuter rail services soon

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State government, South Western Railway to share cost of commuter rail service.

Commuters in Bangalore city will soon be able to heave a sigh of relief if the plan of the state government and Railways is implemented. It could save commuters from the stress of travelling on the congested roads during peak hours. The denizens of the city would be able to travel on the commuter rail system in the next six months.

The state government had suggested six routes, while the Bangalore Division of the South Western Railway has agreed to operate on four routes for operating commuter rail services immediately. The routes are: Yelahanka-Baiyyappanahalli-Hosur; Chikkaballapur-Nelamangala; Nayandahalli-Mandya; Baiyyappanahalli-Whitefield-Bangarpet.

The process of procurement of rakes, either through railway coach factories or through BEML will be decided soon, Khatri said. The state government is also ready to bear the cost of building some pit lines for servicing the rakes which would need an investment of Rs 5 crore, he said.

The benefits of the Commuter Rail Service are multi-fold. With four routes connecting four growth centres, millions of people can be covered. It would decongest the city, increase efficiency in commute times and help significantly lower capital expenditure on transport infrastructure and help lower the burden on middle classes while travelling to the city from far-off places for work.

The four routes proposed by SWR should help in large extent the city commuter and METRO .

Its very surprising to see that Dodballapur, Tumkur are left out in this which are having major industrial areas.  Its surprising why Tumkur is not included even though it has double track and intercity trains are over crowded in this segment. Similarly, Dodballapur is not having many trains except two services and others are all intercity trains.

Also next six months may be for the rakes to procurre from state govt.  Its good to see that Pit lines are funded by State govt. Positive step towards commuter rail, but long way to go.





what about yeswantpur-hosur?

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what about yeswantpur-hosur? will remain the single trip that is going now? will that be rolled under the same services? How many trips on all these? will they make it with just 2 rakes?

Routes for NR

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Though GoK & SWR have suggested routes, we the citizens/commuters hv a say in finalizing the route. Let us put forward the routes needed, first amongst ourselves, then consolidate sitting with Railways based on -rake avlblty -time slots & any other parameters

Will 2 Rakes sufficient to serve 4 routes?

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As everybody else I am also eagerly waiting for the official launch of the Namma Railu. Also July 19th has passed and still to see any official word from SWR or GOK.

As IDS righly questined the logic of 2 rakes to serve on 4 routes, it is evident 2 rakes can not serve on all 4 routes during rush hours in morning and evening. Isn't it a good idea to start with one route?

Let us take the Yelahanka - Hosur route. It takes about 1hr 30 minutes to cover this route.

With 2 rakes, let us see how it spans out on this route. A simple timing schedule in morning would like this:

  From To
Rake#1 6:30am 8:00am
Rake#2 8:15am 9:45am
Rake#1 10:00am 11:30am
  From To
Rake#2 6:30am 8:00am
Rake#1 8:15am 9:45am
Rake#2 10:00am 11:30am

It is clear that 2 rakes are not sufficient to CR services even on this one route. Needless to say about serving on other routes as well.


No official word yet on the

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No official word yet on the timetable so dont know what is finally agreed between GoK & SWR. How come the reporters havent gone chasing for a followup soundbite?

Further update on actions taken.

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In oredr to keep the heat on CRS, I have sent letters to BLR MLAs ( 17 of them),

requesting them to write to the govt to expedite this process.

Secondly, I have raised a grievance request on govt india grievance portal to the SWR.

I have noticed that SWR sends written responses to all the querries/complaints.

I suggest that as many possible, pls put a grievance on the portal. The URL is given below. Track your greivance number and use it future reference.

Thirdly, I am planning to put a RTI request to both DULT and SWR in this regard.



RTI is not required for DULT,

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RTI is not required for DULT, atleast not when things are moving & updates are just a phone call away, unless they are refusing to share information. Sanjeev has the number. PSA has met Shailendra Singh in the dept who can also provide updates over phone. Both myself & Sanjeev havent had the time to follow up. Appreciate one of you calling & putting an update here for all. RTI's may be required on other items related to the service infrastructure, like track doubling status, electrification status etc mostly from SWR. Some RTI's have been filed already, do go thru the project threads. Syed can update on any pending information which may need appeal help, followup etc.

 This letter written by Mr

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 PS: the image resize in the editor is just not working, it hasnt been for a while now

This letter written by Mr Rajiv Chaudhry / ED Works Planning Railway Board asking SWR to submit the report  after discussing with GoK, this  letter written on 25th July'2011 which is after the DULT meeting

Hope for CRS continues!

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Can only be optimistic for CRS in near future? Hope change of Guard at Vdhan Soudha augurs well for the public projects like CRS.


22nd meeting with MoS K H Muniyyappa with GoK

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This 22nd Aug'2011  their is meeting with GoK & MoS with SWR.

Now with Board direction and  change of guard at CM should  have positive effect on  Commuter Rail.

Its surprising to see that Bangalore three MP's are not  even writing letter or demanding the Commuter Rail and city is sufferring from Traffic problems.  This has already affetced the productivity as the Travell time has  increased and  cost of Travelling is going up due to increase  in Travell time and  increase  in Fuel  prices with futher increase in Toll Charges.

Wth METRO no where near for the Traffic solution & will take nearly another 4 yrs to complet the just Phase-1,   then by that time Traffic  problem will make  Bangalore worst city to leave.


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Commuter rail movement seem to need injection of vitality. Shall we sit on a dharna at Cubbon/Freedom Park in order to press our point of view/explain apathy of elected reps & govt?

Yes Derfinitely we need to

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Yes Derfinitely we need to stage a dharna otherwise our state ministers wont wakeup to pressurise the railway minister and implement CRS.


as a firsst step the railways

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as a firsst step the railways should run a MEMU/Demu Rake utlising soley for Bang city and suburban areas.

Chanaptna-Bang City- Yesvantpur-KR Puram-Whitefield.

Whitefield-Bang City_White Field

Channapatna-RMGM-SBC-White Field

SBC-White Field

Station Name

White Field - SBC

White Field-SBC—RMGM-Chanapatna

07.00 Dep





20.00 Arr






19.44 – 19.45


16.15 Dep

Banglore City


10.45  Arr

18.25 – 18.30


16.25 -- 16.30



10.25 -- 10.30

18.09 – 18.10


17.04 -- 17.05



09.54 -- 09.55

17.39 – 17.40

09.30 Arr

17.15 Arr

White Field


09.45  Dep

17.30  Dep

Bang City-Dodballapur-Bang City



Station Name



11.00  Dep

13.45  Dep

Banglore City


13.15 Arr

16.00 Arr

11.14 -- 10.15

13.59 -- 14.00



12.59 -- 13.00

15.44 -- 15.45

11.34 -- 11.35

14.19 -- 14.20



12.39 -- 12.40

15.33 -- 17.34

12.00  Arr

14.45  Arr



12.15 Dep

15.00 Dep

As a first step the railways can introduce a DEMU/MEMU rake and run deciding on their convinent timings


Rly users present wish-list at meet : Commuter Rail Demand

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The 11th Zonal Railway Users' Consultative Committee ( ZRUCC) meeting was held at Railway Officers Club under the chairmanship of SWR general manager Kuldeep Chaturvedi on Thursday.

The committee discussed various issues regarding passenger amenities at Hubli and Bangalore stations, commuter train services in Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli areas and improvement of facilities at stations.

Why Karnataka Central Ministers & Bangalore MP's are keeping quite on this subject. When other cities could able to manage for Commuter Rail, why Bangalore  Citizens should  keep suffering on the Road traffic Jams  and even METRO will need Commuter Rail for feeding passengers.

Even simple thing  like Bangarpet to Bangalore  Trains should be extended upto Bidadi for  better ITPL  connectivity & Auto Hub at Bidadi

If  too much dependence on BMTC will make things worst for Bangalore as thinsg will become unmangeable.  Also their is no co-ordination between BMTC, SWR & METRO  for Yesvantpur, Bayiappanhalli & Nayndanhalli Stations integration for seemless movement of  commuters as done in Mumbai & Delhi.


Gujarat gets commuter rail

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Gujarat, Railways join hands for 288-km regional rail system

The state government will set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to launch its ambitious regional railway project to connect towns around Ahmedabad, covering 288 kilometres. The decision, taken on Tuesday, is part of the Integrated Public Transport Service (IPTS) project.


There you go, no Effiel towers in Guarat, instead a pragmatic BRTS & Commuter rail.