Citizen's Demand Report for Bengaluru CRS

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Here is the draft version of the planned 'Demand Report' for CRS Bengaluru. This is work in rpogress, I am still working on and need lot of information to go into this document. I will keep updating this document and post it here for your review and comemnts.

We definetely need lot of help from all of you in providing the important data and information pertaining to CRS that should form part of this document.

Also looking for a catchy caption in Kannada for CRS.

[Note: Go to this post [Call To Action Report] to see the final report. This post was converted to a project wiki, which eventually became the report]



@Narayan - Any progress on CRS Map?

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Any progress with CRS MAP that SB requested? Let us know if you need any inputs or have any questions?



namma railu?

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on the lines of 'Namma Metro' should CRS be 'Namma Railu'? 

Mumbai Suburban Trains details

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Here is the link of Mumbai Subrban Rail details provided by railways only, Its very detailed train info. You can see last few sheets are dedicated for Suburban Trains of Mumbai.

Also see the sheet MAP85_86 sheet gives map of Mumbai Suburban Trains.

Better to search this link in Google and download the file and read it.



Kannada translation

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Calling people who can translate this report from English to Kannada. Approx 30 pages of text. Reply back with a comment if you are interested.

CRS should include Channapatna

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 Channapatna is the town from which lots of commuters, (3,000 passes registered) is travelling in the Bangalore - Mysore trains Ramanagaram is lesser. All the B. It is just 10 minutes / 10 kms in train from Ramanagaram and 60 kms from Bangalore. I think the CRS line should be extended till Channapatna.

It is a much bigger and densly populated town than Ramanagaram. Since HD Kumarswamy got elected from Ramanagaram, he made it a district headquarter.


completely agree with vasanth

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   i completely agree with vasanth comment on chanpatna. There are lots of people doing to-fro from chanpatna and even far from mandya/mysore .The only reason i see it being it left out is track still not doubled after ramanagaram. But, i feel the work is going on ( though snail pace) and would be completed in near future , and so would strongly contend channaptana to be included in CRS. I'm stressing this now, becasue anything we add/modify now,  it would be easy rather than at the latter stage.