Calcutta Suburban Rail services tracking

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Commuter Rail

Calcutta Suburban Rail gets additional coaches from 9 to 12 which resulted in 33 % increase in the capacity.

Why is that Bngaloe SuburbanRail not getting  clearance from Railwa Board.



Who is asking? Nobody

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The answer lies in the response that was got from Bangalore Central MP P C Mohan. When he was approached for signing the petition, he said, "..Leave it in my office. I will sign it when I get a chance". If that is the attitude from yours and my elected representative, it is idiotic to expect the highly politicized Railway Board to look into Karnataka State's needs. 

I am sure by now you know why the state of Railways is in such a bad shape.

NO body will ask ? all are busy for LS poll preparation...

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I am not sure these politicians understand the importance of Namma has to appreciate the efforts of our other states like AP/TN, though lot of politicians fight but the development is never compramised, spcially in local train connectivity. I am at loss to understand why in Bangalore none of our elected guys take interest to persue the matter with the required ministry ?

it clearly proves they are not interested,,,we need leaders who are sensible to understand people problem. the existing bunch of MLA/MP's do not bothered about the local problems or they are busy saving their seat or planning to contest for upcoming local polls.

we really missed the opportunity this year...Mr.mallikarjun kharge and state government ...what a combination we had ..after the gap of more than 25 afraid we will miss the bus this time and not sure we will have same advantage in future...


we need fresh thinking...from young leaders,,,,,like Delhi.



Who has paid for these additional coaches and further costs

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To accomodate 12 coaches rakes,  station arround Calcutta are getting extended Platform lengths  and other necessary infrastructure required.

Has the WB govt pitched anything for this ???

When it comes to Bangalore Suburban Rail,  funding and approval headache is with GOK only ???  Minisry of Railway and Ministry of Urban Development do not have any role to play  or  Bangalore is it excluded from the Railway Perview ???

Does the Calcutta METRO fares are lower then Indian Railway fare

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As Fuel adjastent Component ( FAC ) which  came into effect  10th Oct 2013,  does this applicable to Calcutta METRO  which is run by Indian Railway ???