BMLTA sub committee 6th meeting on 14th Dec'2009

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BMLTA Sub Committtee minutes of meeting held on 14th Dec'2009,  Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Development Department.

Here things are clear on starting of services between Yesvanthpur to Anekal and DRM of SWR has agreed finally to start the services between Yesvanthpur to Anekal once they get the Amount for two Rakes.

Here Principal Secretary Mr Madhu has set deadline for SWR to start the services before 16th april'2010
You can see other action points of increasing capacity of other alignments specifically on Devanhalli alignment and fesibilty study on integrating at Devanahalli Railway station.

As 16th April is just month left and we have not heard any thing further on this, except MoS K H Muniyappa making few press statemenets.
I request Praja Members to call the relevant authorities IDD, BMLTA, SWR  to enquire the starting dtae of  Commuter Rail Ssystem for Yesvanthpur to Ankekal  so that more pressure is on the concerned authprities and also spread this to  more public for awarness.

Here you can see the capacity on Yesvanthpur to Anekal is available & how come now SWR is agreeeing to this. Their are two trains running between Yelahanka to Chikballapur right now, no goods trains running & here also SWR is taking stand that cpacity  is full to run more trains from Cantonment to Devanhalli. They should come out and help B'lore city citizens instaed of propogating false informaion.



MMTS ridership is increasing after APSRTC fare hike

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MMTS trains carry little more than 1.2 lakh passengers a day on the Secunderabad-Hyderabad-Lingampalli (28 km) and Secunderabad-Falaknuma (15 km) routes

Officials claim that there has been a substantial increase in the number of commuters for the MMTS services after the recent fare hike by the APSRTC, senior officials claim

Scope to improve MMTS phase one further

This shows how acceptance of Local Trains and imporatnce of having full services of Local Trains for MEtro city along with  METRO Trains.  Now after Chief Minister of Karnataka has agreed to share 50% of the project cost for Local Trains, their is no news by MoS K H Muniyappa on this. He should act fast to get clearance from Center. When  He is even supporting  MMTS phase-2, he should give / push the local trains for Bangalore on priority