Bangalore region - Track doubling & electrification

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The below figures should speak for itself. Except for the line from Mysore towards Chennai via city & Tumkur, all other lines around Bangalore are single track. I cant think of any other major city (even tier 2 towns) which is in such a pathetic situation?

Consequently the throughput at the City & Yeswantpur stations is the lowest in its category (Platform throughput is the number of trains handled per platform).


Why do we put up with this? While on one hand we claim Bangalore to be a contender among worlds best cities? I think our MP's in parliament should have some self respect and take this up with Ministry of Railways & Board of Indian Railways. 



Wake up call

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India to set up $10-bn infrastructure debt fund

The proposal is to initially have a $10 billion infrastructure debt fund. Though it may not solve the financing problem, it is going to demonstrate that such funds can work in India so that many more such funds can be set up for many infrastructure projects 

Lets go get this money and get some work done. There is some serious lobbying required at the center. I think we have moped around long enough. Time for the MP's and ministers with contacts to step up & deliver. Heck we even have an MoS from our state.

...the government and the private sector had to do much more in the next five years than they have done in the last five years in terms of scale.

Progress of ongoing projects?

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The second and third projects in the list above (Yeswantpur-Yelahanka and Yelahanka-Channasandra doubling) were sanctioned in the Railway Budget two years ago. I read somewhere that 8 cr of the total 125 cr rupees has been allocated this year. Any word on the progress of these two? Surprising to note that as of Dec 2009, the railways had still not requested GoK for land. Unless they have enough already. Any idea?



K'taka Rail InfraPlan

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IDS - Presume you are quoting extracts of the table from the Karnataka R'ly plan (Pgs.47-48).

See Table-26 on Pg.61 -- the distance between Yeswanthpura & Baiayyappanahalli has been quoted as 20km (not 18km) & is single broad gauge.

Strange as it is, there isn't any mention of doubling these tracks anywhere in the plan nor in other railway budget materials, nor map/s or any other reports.

This track is being ignored & left single & it is perhaps up to the state govt to push for doubling this urban track, important for running commuter trains.

All of it

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 I read somewhere that 8 cr of the total 125 cr rupees has been allocated this year

Morsels like this is useless. It time for all of it to be put in. Approx 300 crores for the above list + double track to Chickballapur, Doddballapur & Hosur.

Raison d'

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 This track is being ignored & left single & it is perhaps up to the state govt to push for doubling this urban track, important for running commuter trains.

That is the reason for this data and the consequent call to action

Bangalore does it deserve this Statstics on Railways

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IDS analysis in graphical form is really good,  this picture should push Officrs of GoK & Railways  with  MP's / MLA's to get this Railway facilities corrected on priority.

See the conditions of Track infrstructure  arround Bangalore :

1. Even when projects have been sanctioned  for YPR-Yelahanka, Yelahanka-KR Puram 3 yrs back, still tenders not called,  

2. With  two tracks  at Baiyyappanahallai and handling major intercity trains,   thinking big only with world calss station and not about the Tracks arround

3. No plans in the pipeline  for Yesvanthpur to Hosure, Yelahanka - oddballaur  doubling

4. Chikbanavar - Nelamangala  track commissioned, but no trains running 

5. Yelahanka - Chikballapur only three Trains running and one DEMU is waiting between 10am to 4pm at Chikballapur station, which can do one more shutel service to Yesvantpur in between.

This is where One end Railways keep on harping tracks are utilized more then 100%  and we see only at few Kms like Baiyyappanahalli Tracks are 100% utilized but other places its under utilized  or no utlization. 

Its case of  Traffic analysis to find where are the major bottel necks.  Provide double track  with electrification with arround  Bangalore city all directions, then you will see the capacity availabel for Commuter Rail

More data

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Karnataka and Gujarat are comparable in term of area but in terms of rail route length in kilometers, Karnataka has just 56% of route length present in Gujarat.

The index of rail length per 1000 sq km area which is currently at 16 needs to improve to 32. To address the shortfall, another 3400 km of rail length is required to be developed in the state, which calls for an approximate investment of Rs.22,000 crore

Source: GoK IDD report, Apr 2010

Progress for Yelahanak to Chanasandra doublig

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Here SWR construction group has called Tener of value Rs 6 crore for doubling   so some progress happening at low pace.

Yelahanka - Channasandra Doubling - Earthwork in widening formation, extension of minor bridges, road works, construction of retaining walls, side drains and other misc., works from
Ch.2500 to 10600 between Channasandra and Yelahanka station REACH-I. YNK-CSDR-01


dismal electrification numbers

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Every other state in India seems to be way better than Karnataha..below is the picture:

This is from the report today in the is the link

The authorities give a lame excuse that there is no freight numbers which according to them drives electrification..I would say its more a lack of will or drive!