Bangalore City Station Developments

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Commuter Rail

Bangalore City: Proposed extension of Foot Over Bridge from Platform No 10 to MG colony.

Tender Cost : Rs 49,56,000/-   within 3 month work to be completed   after tender  awarded,3

With further Escalators,  one more Foot Over Bridge which is still hanging  and multilevel car parking,  new entry from next to Kody Circle of DRM Office,  these should make some difference to City Station and further 3.5 Acers of land with SWR,  lets see how they will make difference to citizens



Pit Lines getting extended at Bangalore city station

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Bengaluru City -Modification to OHE due to extension of Pitlines at Mysore end

Tender Value : Rs  795572/-,3

Provision of OHE top wiring on pitlines (1 to 4) and wiring of shunting neck at Bengaluru Cantonment end at Bengaluru City Railway station

Tender Value : Rs 671799/-,3

Even though both tenders value is small,  purose is very improtant and further SWR should invest in removing bottelnecks  by investing MEMU Maintenance shed at Bayyappanhalli which will not cost more then Rs 10 Crore.

FOB Extension at City Station

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1. Bangalore City: Proposed extension of Foot Over Bridge from Platform No 10 to MG colony.,3

Tender Value : Rs 6004745 /-  but very good for commuters.

2. New Line : Hejjala - Halagur - Kanakpura :

Fixing of centre line and boundary stones and preparation of land plans and working plans for the new BG line between Hejjala and Halaguru via Kanakapura of Bangalore â?? Chamarajanagar section.(FLS-13/01),3

So south Bangalore on Kanakpur Road and arround Banashnkari VI phase BDA Layout people will get benefitted with Commuter Rail in future.

Bangalore city station Stabling line getting expanded

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Construction of formation for stabling line / shunting neck at SBC Yard under ADEN/C/SBC jurisdiction.

Tender work cost : Rs 2.92 Crore, 4 months duration

Finally Bangalore city getting some work tenders. So BYPL is getting ready for 3rd Terminal with 3/4 pit lines, stabling lines already exist.
So SBC getting expanded with Binny Mill land at SWR control of 3.5 Acers.

Renovation to flooring of PF 2/3 SW-II Repairs at Bangalore city

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Bangalore City  station  : Renovation to flooring of PF 2/3 SW-II Repairs to running room

Tender work cost : Rs 1.04 Crore  to be completed in 6 months.,3

Status of City Station Pedestrian facility works progress

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Status of Pedestrian facility at Bangalore City Station during last 5 years on 1. New Foot Over Bridge connecting all 10 Platforms on Cantonment end ( Chennai end ), 2. Extending existing FOB to Milk colony with wider FOB, 3. Extending subway from PF-1 to entrance of city station. Here is the status of all three works from SWR, after 4/5 years, SWR struggling to complet these simple works like BMRC struggling for MG road Station skywalk to connect plaza theater side since 3 years. Wake up SWR Bangalore, these are very much needed for passengers. How can SWR sleep on these during last 4 years where Railway Board has given clearance and funds too. No one to blame here except SWR officials only.

Already Bangalore is lacking proper pedestrain facility,  even railways are also playing to BBMP / BDA actions.

At Rajajinagar Entrance on Bngalore City - Yesvantpur line

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Construction of 8 lane corridor with loops, underpass and Road Under Bridge No.423 Km.0/500-600 between Bangalore City Junction and Yesvanthpur stations(ROB/SBC-YPR)

Tender work cost : Rs 23.71 Crore  period of work : 12  months,3


Getting to the bus stand from

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Getting to the bus stand from the railway station is an ordeal. The sub way is really bad. On so many occasions I have been forced to take the bus to Kengeri because of the stench of the sub way.


Expansion of City station has not been sent for Approval till no

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SWR is  have not yet firmed on the expansion of city station after shifting of Pit lines after PF10.  

So even funds allocation is not their currently.  

Still nong way to go to get expanded city station for better facility.  Will Railway Minister look into this ???

Only METRO station at Milk Colony near Magadi road will be connected to City station existing FOB with  walkalator

New Railway  station building is planed for Okalipuram Birdge of 6 floors  near Rajajinagar entrance,  may be the above tender is for that looks like.  I saw clearly station building location at PF 7-8  entrance close to  Yesvanthpur line next to Church Here Railway has large chunck of land currenly holding.

2 more escalators at city station and 4 Nos at Yesvantpur

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1. BC- Civil works in connection with provision of lifts (02

nos) @ Bangalore city station

2. SBC - Civil works connected with provision of Escalator   2 Nos. at Bangalor e city station

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3. SW - I: YPR: Civil works connected with escalators on Platforms of 04 Nos.

4. SW - II YPR - Civil works in connection with provision of lifts (04 nos) @ Yeshavanthapur station

5. Construction of substructure of proposed new bridge in angalore city station back yard . (two tracks )


6. YPR- Improvements to circulating area and widening of PF-1 by providing shelter, Flooring etc., duly dismantling existing old quarters and widening of approach road.


Arround  Rs 5.50 Crore worth tenders for Yesvantpur and Bangalore city station called.  

Similar way Railway board takes up work at Baiyyappanhallai and Yelahnaka for making it terminal by allocating 10 crore per year,  Bangalore can have full fledge 4 Terminals to handel intercity traffic


Bangalore City sttaion expansion

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Traction OHE modification due to proposed Road under bridge at front yard of Bengaluru City Railway station

Tender Value  :   5233028 /-     Tender Called on n 15th Dec 2015


SBC- Pro. Provision of third entry on STC side of platform No.1.

Tender Value :  13612577   Period of work : 6 Months  Tender called on 14th Dec 2015