'Take the Bus' Campaign in News Media

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As expected, slowly 'Take the Bus' campaign is getting highlighted in News media. In coming days we will see more coverage in mainstream media. BMTC sources inform that there are plans for publicity via radio as well. Watch out then for Bus day news in the papers.

I am creating this thread for us to share these news items. Please post them here. And ensure that you give necessary source info and credits where it requires.

Note: Don't copy the full news items, rather just post the link and few lines of what is reported.



Mid-Day carries bus day campaign news

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Source - Mid-Day

...Public transport service BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) has taken a leaf out of the book of awareness creation gurus by marking a 'Bus Day' in its calendar to promote use of its services instead of private vehicles.

Now, the first Thursday of every month will be Bus Day, when several steps will be taken to woo techies, who are said to be major contributors to traffic congestion on city roads.

BMTC is focusing on two IT corridors, Hosur Road and the old airport road, for the first ever Bus Day on February 4.............

For more read here

From bangalorebuzz.blogspot.com

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Sight, sound and smell from Bangalore carried this news item.

Coursey - http://bangalorebuzz.blogspot.com

"..."Recently, we had a meeting with IT companies. On February 4, we will formally have 'Bus Day' to promote public transport, especially to IT sectors. We are still in the process of reviewing new routes to them. We will finalise them according to the number of employees using the service," said K Vishwanath, chief traffic manager of the BMTC....

For more read here

The Hindu

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Depending upon the feedback and commuter response to the pilot programme, the BMTC will extend the programme to all major corridors in the city. Every month, one day will thus be observed as Bus Day, said BMTC Managing Director Syed Zameer Pasha. The pilot project will serve as a test case to understand the needs of the commuting public for service improvement and also to raise awareness on public transport.

Mr. Pasha said the corporation was conducting a survey to invite suggestions from the public to make commuting comfortable through suitable arrangements. “What we envisage with the Bus Day is what we want for the future — more and more people travelling by bus. Therefore we request people to leave a little early and take the bus to work to enjoy a comfortable and quick commute by bus,” Mr. Pasha said.

BMTC Director (Projects) P.K. Garg and Director (Technical) S.K. Paramesh were present.


Times of India - 20th Jan

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"There are at least 6,000 buses for public transport and 3,000 private ones. If people commute in buses at least once a month, traffic and environment will improve greatly"


-Srivatsava V

Express Buzz -Bus day buzz

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"Now, leave your vehicle at home and board a BMTC bus to work and for commuting to other places on 'Bus Day’ every month.


In an attempt to create awareness on the advantages of using mass transportation, BMTC and the transport department are organising the `Bus Day’ on the 4th day of every month this year."

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Bangalore Mirror Carries Bus Day news

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Bangalore Mirror Carried the news on Bus Day Campaign..........


Excellent, 3 cheers to the bus day project team

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Excellent example of seeding things via this forum, Bus Day is everywhere now, and the ball is firmly in BMTC's court to do different things, build awareness, or get commuter feedback via an event like this.

I will take the Bus to office on Feb 4th, and then report my experience. If 20 of us report our experiences here there and everywhere on regular basis, on just 1-day a month, there would be enough feedback (or pressure!) for BMTC to work on things.

Praja is in the news !

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Courtesy - Bangalore Mirror


Bangalore Mirror carried a news item about the Bus Day. Among various things, they have quoted PRAJA's efforts for the Bus Day

"...Praja, a web portal, Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA) and Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA), which are supporting the BMTC in the campaign, have already sent the questionnaire to 120 companies in Electronics City, ITPB and outer ring road area..."

"...an associate of  Praja, a Bangalore based, a online civic activism portal said, “We are reaching out to companies, individuals, activists , individually as well as collectively. We are contacting them over the phone and emails. So far the response has been good .One major concern is availability of route and schedule information. Unfortunately due to some reasons, BMTC’s website is not providing the information that would be helpful to public in planning their commute. In order to mitigate the problem, Praja will be publishing a route map  with route numbers that run on these selected corridors. There are also plans to provide tools on the Praja website to obtain route info interactively.”

“We are hoping that after the Feb  4 event, everyone concerned will take notice of these shortcomings of traffic related problems and take steps to address the issues holistically. It is time to address the system in a multi-dimension approach rather than single dimension which has been the case so far,” he added....."



Bus Day gets into top gear

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Courtesy - Times of India



"Techies are all set to make BMTCs first Bus Day on February 4 a success, going by the enthusiastic response to the awareness campaigns.
Come leave your cars and bikes, let us travel together by bus is the message being disseminated via email, SMS and chat. The experiment is slated for ITPB and Electronic City routes. Later, this will be extended to other areas.
Bus Day aims at limiting density of vehicles on the road, popularizing public transport and bringing down pollution. Around 70,000 people commute to Electronic City, Marathalli, Sarjapur, ITPB and Varthur.
We have written to several IT companies and got a good response . Techies and some welfare organizations are also voluntarily spreading the message ........"

It also quotes the praja survey. 


21% Buses crowded and uncomfortable

16% Schedules and service unreliable

16% No direct routes

16% Commuting time higher compared to car

3% High prices

(Source: praja.in survey) "


BMTC Website Back to Old Form

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When the bus day is nearing, BMTC website has gone to very old version and the information here is very misleading.

I don't know why BMTC is cutting cost and giving the development to some unreliable companies.

Express Buzz's repeat news item!

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Express Buzz - Bus Dya to Kick Start tomorrow.........read here

DNA-India - Techies will bus to work tomorrow

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DNA-India - Techies will bus to work tomorrow ...read here