Route Search is available on BMTC Website

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Happened to visit the BMTC website to check if anything has changed. Got a surprise to find that its link for 'Route Search' is active and it did allows route search.

Searched few routes and seems to the results presented were correct and useful. here is the link for BMTC route Search

Vinod,s8, srivatsava, manish, could you all pls check this out and report if this feature reports the correct routes and people can rely on the results for planning their travel in Bengaluru.




Seems maps not working to all

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 First, route search is enabled only for high-end services, which was available as static earlier. 

Second, link on "Complete Map" gives wrong map. Example: I searched from Majestic(KBS) to Koramangala Canara Bank(IIPM). Then clicked on "Complete Map" It shows wrong map(Shows Vidyaranyapura????). I have not tested anything else.

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Its a POC level system!!

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Its a good beginning. For starters, the Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Big10 routes have been fed in. Thats probably not even 5% of the routes and about 10% of the schedules (buses). I would call it a Proof-of-Concept stage application.

I do not believe that digitizing the remining routes is the hard part. Its more important thing is to get the application right. Once, that happens, we need to feed data for more routes and it will work just fine.

Problems in the application

Over the years, we have a huge number of aliases built into the transportation vocabulary. These aliases (alternate names) are not being handled by the application, as yet. Concequently, when I performed a route search for 'Avalahalli' to "Dairy Circle' (which is my daily route) and another from 'BEL Circle to Electronics City', I found these anomalies regarding the results

  • From the existing data, there is only one way/route I can travel from Avalahalli to Dairy Circle - thats via KBS.  So, I should see only one route/entry in the result set. But i get over 8 results.
  • The first two results are repetitive. First via KBS (majestic) and  the second via Kempegowda Bus Station!!!  KBS, Majestic and Kempegowda Bus Station are shown as through they are separate locations - Problem with aliases for bus stop names.
  • The other 6 results are useless, and its the same result repeating 6 times. They all read "Avalahalli => => Bangalore Dairy Circle (Christ College) @ Total distance= 0 Km". As a user, I wouldnt like to see such 'travel options' given to me!!
  • This application is capable of merging only two bus routes.  It shows either a direct route route or  single-change route!! I take three buses to come from office to home daily. This option will not be shown by this application.
  • This application is a 'route serach' and not a travel planner. It doesnt give the frequency of buses on a particular route. For example from KBS to Dairy Circle, 5 routes are listed (V360B   V356P   V356N   V356M   V356C  ), but their collective/individual frequency is not given. I wont take take the route if its frequency is over 30 mins.
  • If a direct bus is available, the application just doesnt show any other options for changing bus!! If chnaging bus can mean 5-6 times higher frequency, why wouldnt I change?
  • Aliases in Route Numbers - There is V10 (run on a Volvo), P10 (Pushpak) and 10 (run on both MarcoPolo A/C and the old 'dabba' bus). All these are the same route 10, run on different grade of buses. These route aliases arent listed in the application.

I will give this application a 3/5 rating considering this is 'beta' app. If this was final, I would have given this a '1/5' rating... This is just for the application, irrespective of whether the route data is fed or not.

-Srivatsava V

Why Struggle with route Search? Google is better!!

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I dont understand why BMTC is struggling to build its own Route Search system. Google transit is available to them for free. Why should BMTC even bother to 'waste' its resources on building the system. There is a good amount of route info digitized and we can start trials of Google Transit based on this 'existing' data.

I think BMTC has to be educated on how to leverage existing tools!!

-Srivatsava V

Bus Stop Codes

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If each bus stop has codes internally then whatever aliases comes system should be able to handle. I presume they handle with codes, else this type of issues keep coming. 

@Srivatsava: I agree strongly. Just integrate with Google. Use crowdsourcing, in case BMTC has less resources. Many people will help BMTC, if they open up some portal to update/create public data for them.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

There is only

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There is only volvo,vajra,big-10 and BIAS services provided. What about the various other services of BMTC. And BIAS routes havent included BIAS-1,G route does not have B-2,No mention of C and K services running in the city.

For various Feeder and Metro services running(As per my knowledge) I have created a page at Wikipedia. I am not sure of the timings and hence havent mentioned them. You can refer to the link

And for the direction based services following is the link

the information provided is accurate as per my knowledge. If people find any changes or errors kindly correct the same.



Not clear if its useful.

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The problem with this is that while it may tell you theoretically possible bus connections its not clear that they are really feasable. Many routes seem to suggest using BIAL busses which I think it not an option. Anyway, its a start - though as someone pointed out there is Google Transit. In my opinion, the best such route finder is the DeutschBahn website

You can simply put in the starting address and the ending address - and it will tell you the entire route - even giving optional walking routes - as well as the time etc. - for both busses and trains. And it will even tell you how much CO2 you saved by taking the bus/train instead of driving. This is what they should aim for - perhaps one does not need the CO2 meter - but the rest, certainly.






There is a good option of

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There is a good option of using BIAL buses the main reason being even if buses are lesser they generally keep to the schedule and are going to charge only IT sector fares to Hebbal. However BMTC can actually try out various other things. they have mentioned google transit in their website but have failed to make use of the same.