Poster and Publicity Material for 'Take the Bus' Campaign

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BMTC and GOK has announced that the next Bus Day will be observed on March 4, 2010.

Here are smaples of posters available for downloads. Click on the files listed below. These can be used:

  1. As an email attachment to all our friends, neighbors and family members
  2. As an email attachment to Office HR contacts for company wide distribution.
  3. As a Poster displayed on bulletin board, Announcements in Cafeteria
  4. As a hand bill for distribution in large public gatherings

Feel free to use them as templates for creating more variations with more attractive messages.

If need help, shoot us an email at '

Update: The listed poster/fliers are the latest versions uploaded on Feb 22, 2010

Bus Day Poster English-RevD-March4.doc25.5 KB
Take the bus - Kannada-Flier-March4.pdf46.97 KB