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Route maps, help desk number and more, here is some useful information you might need for your Bus Day plans on Feb 4th.

  1. Bus Route Map for Electronic city and ITPL (Limited Routes)

  2. Bus Route List and Timings (Limited Routes)

  3. Last Mile Connectivity Information (EC and ITPL areas only)

  4. BMTC Call Center Telephone # 1-800-425-1663

  5. Send in your experiences and feedback to:

  6. Bus Day Survey

Important Note: The route information has been provided by the BMTC's official sources. Pls use it with caution that there may be discrepencies. The information provided here is for the information and public benefit purposes only.




Message from BMTC!

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From: Chief Traffic Manager (O) <>
Date: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 6:14 PM
Subject: Bus Day Details: Routes Map and Service Frequency

Dear All,

A reminder to take the Bus Day on the 4th of February!   Bus Day is a public transport campaign supported by Transport Department, BMTC, Traffic Police, Industries, Associations, and concerned citizens of Bangalore. The objective of Bus day is to wean private vehicles away from the roads to experience and quantify the difference in air quality and journey times - more private vehicles off the roads, less the congestion and pollution.  

Attached is a map of all the Vajra, Vayu Vajra, and BIG10 routes running towards ITPL and Electronic City: As you already know, two corridors identified for this Bus Day are Electronic City/ Hosur Road and ITPL/ Old Airport Road. Frequency of services on these/connecting routes will be very high, especially between 6 AM and 10 AM / 4 PM and 11 PM. Ordinary blue JNNURM buses will also be augmented/ operated on these lines to ensure smooth commuting.  

Last Mile Connectivity: Feeder Services for Electronic City (unidirectional at Rs 5/- flat fare) and ITPL (bidirectional at ordinary fare structure) will be operated every 5 minutes. Details are contained in the map link below:

Please Note, BMTC personnel/volunteers wearing Bus Day caps will be at major junctions and origin points to assist you with travel queries.  

Wishing you a smooth commute on Bus Day!    

Thanks and Regards,  

 CTM(O), B.M.T.C.  
Chief Traffic Manager (Operations)
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation,


No proper information from call centre

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       Just called the call center at the number provided to enquire about the timings for route 411K from bannerghatta road. Strangely he said the bus is available only at 9.05 and 10.05 tomorrow. This clearly does not fit the purpose and so much uncertainity around it is not motivating .

 I too have been trying to

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 I too have been trying to use 411k for a while now. a) the first trip from Arekere to ITPL is too late int he day after 12:30. b) there are no information about this route / schedule on any sites. most sites don't even list this route. 


Pls increase frequency on this route and also let me know where i can find the current schedule.