Bus Day publicity - We all can do it, needs only 10 Minutes!

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Manya Prajagale,
Exactly 2 days to go, and I have a humble request to make. Pls help publicize the Feb 4th Bus Day event. 10 minute long effort is all it takes to draft an email and send it to Management/HR contacts in our work places. Send emails to family and friends. Thats it. Simple.
Here are the publicity tools you may make use of:
  1. Email Draft Copy Attached below - Feel free to use it to save time when drafting emails for your company, groups, or friends.
  2. Download poster/flier - Bus Day Posters
  3. Download the Bus Day Route Map -  BusDay_Route_Map
10 minute efforts from each one of us could translate into an outreach to a minimum of 10000 people (approximately 500 Praja members reaching out to 20 others). I am sure we can beat this this total given the 3000+ member base of our community.
Once done, leave a comment here to indicate that you did publicize the event. Do mention the company where you publicized this. If you have other innovative ideas for mass publicity, share, and let others know.
Best Regards,
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Raise your hand, if you have already done publicity for bus day

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I am sure many of you would have already done publicity for bus day at your work place, in the neighborhoods etc. If that is the case, pls do let Praja community know what all you did.

Even if you haven't done it, there is still time and opportunity to do it. Details are given in the above post.

I have done my part, but still more can be done!

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I have sent the bus day flyer to over 40 people including my friends and office collegues.   And also i have put up the posters in my cubicle  so that those who pass by notice it.  Plan to  keep them all updated with routes or any other details as we approach the bus day.  Another suggestion would be to send a reminder mail on the 3rd of Feb.




I tried reaching out to 30 email contacts!

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Thanks Vinod. I may not have done as much as you have done.

I did send out an email to about 30 email contacts. Replies are trickling in with promise to circulate the message company wide.


circulated in my office

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my office is in mahadevpura around 2000 employees,   the bus day poster (with  slight changes done by admin ) has been circulated as e mail to all employees working at this facility. we plan to send a repeat email again.

Bus Day Publicity on IEncyclopedia

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Click link below - it also includes a questionnaire :


I have sent mail 500+

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I have sent mails to 500+ of my friends to promote this.....


Rajesh Henry

campaign at my office

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Dear Colleagues,

 *             Are you aware of the 'Take the Bus' campaign being spearheaded by concerned citizens of Namma Bengaluru in association with BMTC, ORRCA and a host of other organizations & individuals?

*             Have you ever noticed the fact that normally a car or bike carries only 1 person… WHERE AS …a bus can carry 75 people

*             Do you know that there are nearly 38 lakh vehicles in Bangalore…

*             Assuming 10% of that is out on the road from 8.30 am to 9.30 am…it makes 3.8 lakh vehicles on road carrying 3.8 lakh people

*             Can you appreciate that this 3.8 lakh can travel in just 5066 buses

*             Can you visualize the difference on our roads with 3.8 lakh vehicles Vs 5000 vehicle.

*             Well if you can ....... then join the Take a Bus Campaign…..

04 Feb 2010 is being observed as “Take a Bus day”

Would you like to participate in this…. Well you will have to leave behind your Cars / Bikes and take a bus instead.

 Let’s show our solidarity in this joint movement to see what the effect will be of such day…

For more details, check out    http://busday.praja.in
If you liked the idea please send a mail to:   busday@praja.in

  Best of Regards

 Team Admin


Have sent it to all residents of my apartment complex

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 Have sent it to all residents of my apartment complex  and a couple of my friends who are senior managers in their companies (IBM and Quintiles) to share in their offices and apartments

If BMTC can provide good publicity material I can have it displayed in our complex at all strategic places (especially the basement lift where people enter after parking their cars).  Unrealistic to expect me to print it out.

Also BMTC needs to get its website in order quickly.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Solid publicity blitz at my office

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 We have received notifications and emails about bus day.  Looks like our company will run additional office shuttles too to promote public transport.  I have requested them to add a link to the Praja website and the feedback email address.

Awesome effort, but risky ?

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Even a fraction of the 35+ Lakh private vehicles staying at home will make a huge difference! Pretty awesome.

However, I have one fear. The bus services have grown manifold - indeed their growth has far outstripped the growth in population. Yet there are geographical, time-sensitive stresses on the system. Now imagine that going up by, say, even 15% on a single day because of a 'mobilization' like this. The newbies who dare to try it out tomorrow might be put off buses - wrongly so - for a long long time to come. 

Hopefully, BMTC would've factored in the increased traffic to a certain extent, and (I say this only pragmatically) hopefully not too many will hop on all at once. The shift does need to happen, but more persistently, gradually, and permanently.

- Sameer, Bangalore


Not to rain on the parade but

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Not to rain on the parade but adding to zenx, I will quote the stats from vinod

  1. Do you know that there are nearly 38 lakh vehicles in Bangalore…
  2. Assuming 10% of that is out on the road from 8.30 am to 9.30 am…it makes 3.8 lakh vehicles on road carrying 3.8 lakh people
  3. Can you appreciate that this 3.8 lakh can travel in just 5066 buses

If you turn that around, even if only 10% of the people using private vehicles take the bus they will need at least 5000 additional buses than is on the roads currently to accomodate this extra load. 

Is BMTC planning to ply that many ADDITIONAL buses on Feb 4th?

Enthu Conductors

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OTOH, the conductors on the routes this is being done on have been asking people to spread the word!  I've admired the Volvo staff for their sense of pride - and this just reaffirms that. It does sound like the BMTC's taking it seriously. If they can get even a 100 more people to convert as regular commuters tomorrow - the whole exercise would have totally paid off. 

- Sameer, Bangalore


Learning from BEST

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 I never tire of putting this little statistic out here.  BEST carries 45 lakh passengers with 3600 buses.  BMTC carries 35 lakh passengers with 5500 buses.  

It could very well be that BEST does a lot of short haul trips and so buses run more trips and so on.  But they seem to be doing something a lot better on the face of it.  If BMTC ran buses at that efficiency then it could carry some 60 lakh people daily.  




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Less crowds better in PTs

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It may be true that BEST handles 45 lakh passengers with only 3600 buses, whilst BMTC handles a lesser 35 lakh passengers with 5500 buses.

However, BEST buses to most of the local train stations run overcrowded with people packed like sardines in a tin can with hardly any breathing space during peak hours (eg.Andheri, which is one of the worst areas with severe overcrowding) & this makes for dismal comfort levels during travel. Also, Mumbai local trains might transport some 6 million each day, but it's certainly not an example to emulate for other cities since passenger comfort is perhaps one of the worst in the world, for any public transport. Things might improve in Mumbai only after Metro /Mono, etc. are built.

The only thing for BMTC to learn from BEST is punctuality of buses & round the clock operations, with high efficiency. BMTC can improve in these aspects though efforts can result only in marginal improvements, since the city is a very large sprawl & the road system is also highly diffuse.

We did our bit, but last mile problems remain

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We did our bit at my office. But our two main office complexes suffer from last mile problem.

  • Bagmane Tech Park needs shuttles from Airport Road, and Old Madras Road.
  • Global Village Campus is 2.5 kms off Mysore Road, just can't excite people to take buses there.

Can BMTC really provide last mile connectivity with 100% coverage on their own? Perhaps not. Regulating autos, or 'forcing' large office complexes/builders to provide shuttle connectivity to nearby BMTC trunk routes is the way. Let us work with BMTC after the Bus Day on these things i we can.

Addressing the Last Mile Issue

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Office complexes /builders to provide shuttle connectivity to nearby BMTC trunk routes is the way

I think this the only sensible option worth exploring for the last mile question. Expecting PT to doorsteps is expecting a bit too much - in any case, BMTC cannot be expected to enter private premises. If this were pursued by employees, it can more efficiently address the last mile question, at least on side of the journey.

Companies should provide last mile connectivity

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 My company at Doddenakundi provides shuttle to Marathalli for taking 500K series buses and KR Puram for taking Trains every hour.

Same way it is the Bagmane Tech Park and Global Village responsibility to operate the last mile connectivity.

last mile connectivity

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i commute near Dell office in koramangala-domlur inner ring road to my office daily from aecs layout. The same problem, there are lot of buses and volvos plying in airport road but from domlur flyover to dell/hero honda stop can anywhere be 1km.. it is diff to walk becos' of the heavy traffic and absence of platforms.. on the inner ring road..if there are local bus loops from flyover to inner ring road..lot of techies who are working in EGL/Dell office / and other office nearby can take the buses..currently there are only 2 buses..411J and 411L which plies from airport road to inner ring road..the frequnecy is one in 30 mins..not very encouraging to switch to bus commute..