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Kadugodi flyover - almost ready

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Since good number of members have sent petitions, DPAR complaints, RTIs and what not to chase status of this bridge, it feels good to see the flyover nearing completion.

ROB near to complete- Putting Tar

sridhar75 - 2 Jul 2010 - 2:21pm

Good news is they started putting Tar so we can expect completion of this ROB with in two weeks time.


Sridhar Challa.


ROB Inauguration date ?!

suryakamal - 2 Jul 2010 - 4:08pm


Have been hearing about 8th July 2010 (yes, the year is correct) as the Inauguration date for the Kadugodi ROB.

Anyone knows, if this true?? I have also heard lots of buzz about ongoing road work, etc.



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Almost complete, pics from last week

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Yes!, its almost here. Some pics to confirm.

One more ...

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Almost complete?? Yes, it is :)

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Here are some pics taken from the top of Kadugodi ROB this evening...

Had a word with one of the supervisors there - he confirmed, they have 6 days to go for the deadline (he said, there is an inauguration planned for 8th July).

Works pending -

* Tar on the middle section

* 2nd layer of tar on the Ashram side,

* Painting on the side walls

* Median marking


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Congratulations and Well

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Congratulations and Well done. I am happy to see it coming into a reality.

Ramesh Menon


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Tomorrow is the opening of ROB.

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Hi All,

I am hearing that tomorrow i.e 15/07/2010 they are going to open the ROB for public. Any one has confrimed news on this.


Sridhar Challa.

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ROB is officially not open but vehicles are moving on the ROB

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Today (15/07/2010) ROB is not inaugurated, however vehicles (like two wheelers, Autos, Cars and Sumos) are moving on this ROB.

I am not sure how safe it is travel on this ROB before inauguration.


Sridhar Challa.


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Vehicles moving

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Had gone to check on the bridge on Saturday, and again on Sunday. Seemed ready, but had barricades to keep traffic away.

As per that citizen matters thread, and Subbu's updates, seems like traffic is moving on it already.

Hope it is not a case of waiting for some VIP for inauguration, nearby residents should just do a people's ribbon cutting ceremony by themselves this weekend.

Seems very narrow though, 2 lane traffic only. Expect jams at the entry/exit of the bridge, or on the bridge within a few months.

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Hope it is not a case of waiting for some VIP for inauguration,

SB,  Despite whats going on in the assembly, lots of politicians are now free.. Its the month of Aashada...No ribbon cuttings!!

Wait for a month for t to get 'inagurated'....

-Srivatsava V

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