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Photos from Walk on Dec 13th to Empower Lokayukta.

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13 Dec 2009 09:00

Pictures from the Walk posted here



When: This Sunday, 13th December at 9AM  Location : M.S Building (Lokayukta Office next to Vidhana Soudha and Cubbon Park)

From the day Lok Satta Party was launched in October 2006 we have stood clearly apart from the usual politics of India. We respect the democratic institutions of India, and strongly support the checks and balances that keep each of them on their toes.

This week, in Karnataka, we are taking one more step to show our support for justice and accountability. On Sunday, 13 December 2009, Lok Satta Karnataka will "walk to empower the Lokayukta" - to demand greater powers for this high office, and the removal of obstacles to this change. The rampant corruption in governance, with administrative and political connivance needs to be tackled with a very strong hand. This is why the hands of the Lokayukta need to be strengthened with more powers to investigate and prosecute the criminals in the system.

We invite all citizens of the city to join this walk to 'Empower Lokayukta' and show their support. The walk will begin at 9 AM at MS Building (next to Vidhan Soudha) and on to K R Circle, then to Corporation Circle via Cubbon Park. Thereafter, we will continue the march on Kasturba Road and Siddalingiah Circle (UB City) up to Mahatma Gandhi Statue. The rally will begin at 9 AM, and end at 11 AM on MG Road.


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Cosmopolitan and Richie Rich Bengaloreans are the top bribe givers amongst 3 cities - Mumbai, Delhi and Bang-lure.

- Lok Aayukta  uvaacha

- Society is turning pro-corrupt - Corruption has reached an all time high -  not to beg for more power since there is no political introspection 

- 34 raids conducted with 303 traps laid during 2007

- 92              -"-                 265          -"-              2008

- 53              -"-                 284          -"-              2009

- Trapped 852 officials and seized 286.52 crore worth of unaccounted assets.

- A Study covered 1226 people from 3 cities - 402 were from Bang-lure - showed that more than 50 per cent of people contacted are ready to pay bribe to get their work done easily.

Courtesy: Dec.Chronicle todate.

- The above study shows that most Indian Bangaloreans have a high level quality of compromising moral and ethical values of the society they are living in for breaking laws and gaining more and more material and other comforts and making the service providers bend like Beckhams.

- Want to be a part of it?  When people are ready to be more corrupt than officials, what good does it service if LA or the Commptroller and Auditor General of India are empowered?

Without being cynical or a morone, it is we, the people, who have to improve in our attitudinal behavior and responsibility towards the society we are living in.   

Law is an ass and anybody can ride it.  This is the scenario in namma Bengaluru.  Are there no LAs in other States? What are their achievements? 

This movement should be an All India movement - JP knows it and his experience as a candidate in the last elections should have made him a hardened political leader? 

- I support and also believe that this AIDS is curable - AIDS - ALARMINGLY  INFECTED  DEMOCRATIC  SYSTEM. 

- Vasanth Mysoremath

Saw the photos

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Went through the photos. Noticed that "Land full of Kodas" banner. Does Jharkahand have a Lokayukta!?

Lokayukta in other states

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Delhi seems to be active. WB and Kerala as well.  Jharkhand has some references

to Lokayukta but couldn't find much info. Now that we have a new government in place,

we can safely assume not much is going to happen on that front over there.


Ironically, Karnataka Lokayukta is seen as more 'powerful' than other states! lists various organizations, NGOs fighting corruption