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RTI : Amendments requested by Lokayukta

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The Empower Lokayukta Campaign team filed an RTI with Lokayukta office to understand what amendments to Karnataka Lokayukta Act are they asking from the Government. We also put in couple of other questions about case details from last 3 years.

Please see attached scanned copy of RTI


RTI-scan.pdf837.15 KB


Staggering amount?

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Notice answer to question #2

Rs 2865218923 or about Rs 286 Crores, big amount alright. But from 166 cases. this would be about Rs 1.7 Crores per case of disproportionate assets. That doesn't sound that huge a number (yes, big, but not huge).

Answer to #3 is about 16 ex or current MLA/MLCs. You should have asked for status of each of these 16 cases - is any of this stuck on govt sanction to prosecute?

Also of interest would be to know the details of complainants in each of these 16 cases. Would they be proxies from their political rivals. Most likely, but then what is our problem, go and expose each other :)

Behind the numbers

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286 Crore is not big by any means. The value of real estate is based on original purchase value - not current market value.  Considering the real estate boom in Bangalore over the last 10 years, the real value will be 10x or more (speculation on my part)

Various RTIs with Lokayukta seems to generate different data points. There is some work involved in drafting a set of questions and analyzing

From TOI http://timesofindia.india...

"According to information obtained under an RTI application by Gadag, the Lokayukta recovered about Rs 321.95 crore worth of cash and other valuables through raids in the past five years. "