MobiliCity Session: Road Design Standards: Getting There

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Roads are used by all citizens, and in various ways - as pedestrians, cyclists, hawkers, or by use of private vehicles and public transport. In addition, roads are the medium used by all utilities like water, electricity, telephone and cable lines, as well as sewerage. Roads also have environmental aspects such as tree cover and rain water run off. With such broad usage, roads need to be designed and engineered to accommodate all these needs in an optimal way. Participate in this session to understand how this is attempted currently, what the shortcomings of our current approach are, and how to improve on them on a sustained basis. The session will cover three distinct areas -

  • Footpath: Requirements to ensure a quality walking space

  • Roads: Lane based design to facilitate safe and organized driving

  • Utilities and Environment: Integrating utilities and environmental aspects, planning and maintenance issues.

Time permitting, other aspects can also be discussed. The co-ordinator for this session is Suhas Kulhalli.


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