MobiliCity: Overview of the Panel Debate

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A framework for sustainable mobility involves several aspects like:

  • Land use patterns and city planning

  • Public transportation systems – various modes and linkages between them

  • Non-motorized forms of transport, and their role in last mile connectivity

  • Balance between speed, comfort, availability and affordability of mobility systems to fit multiple sections of urban society

  • Design and usage patterns of city's resources and amenities

  • Choices for residents and migrants to live and work in multiple parts of the state, or all corners of the city

  • Funding and payment patterns for mobility systems – the balance between welfare and profit systems

This will be a panel session covering above and more aspects of a city-wide framework or policy for sustainable mobility. The session will be opened by a short presentation describing an urban transportation policy for Bengaluru. Thereafter, a moderator will solicit advice and opinions from the panel and invite participation from the audience. The panel consists of senior local administrators, young politicians, experts as well as eminent citizens to provide diversity in opinions and real world experiences. A knowledgeable audience is expected to complete the picture.

The panel is not fully locked down yet.  The co-ordinator of this session is Jenny Pinto.


-Admin Team


>>The session will be opened

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>>The session will be opened by a short presentation describing an urban >>transportation policy for Bengaluru

is this an official policy released by a particular department/instituion? if so, is there going to be a draft which the audience can review before we come to the session.

Will need some time

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We have to upload the policy doc. The trouble is we have a hard copy, need to scan and put it up. Will do it in 1 or 2 days time.


Thanks Shekhar.  Please do

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Thanks Shekhar.  Please do get it up as soon as possible.

Which agency has released this policy - transport department/CiSTUP?  Also is this policy for bangalore only or for the whole state?

Draft Document

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Sorry for the delay. You can find the draft policy document attached here.

Thanks to CiSTUP for this.

Thanks Shekhar!

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Thanks Shekhar!

Debate will be interesting this Saturday

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This is a hard to digest document for me.  Can someone knowledgeable define what the elements of a good policy document are? My first impressions (1) This document is a mix of policy and implementation (2) It continues to be a classic government document trying to solve a real problem with more of government.  What is needed is more imagination(3) Public participation, transparency, corruption etc. are not directly addressed (4) Without political legitimacy, this document is not worth anything.  A policy needs legislative and administrative levers to make it implementable. Nothing is recommended.

This is really a rev 0.1 type of document.  If they are serious, it needs a lot of work and details and follow through to be worth anything at all.

totally amateurish job

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totally amateurish job

Muralidhar Rao

Summary of the Session

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Thanks to Srivathsa_yajaman we have a summary of the session which can be accessed at: