Lake development - Sankey Tank example

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Sankey tank a man made lake or tank is situated in the western part of Bangalore in the middle of the suburbs of Malleshwaram, Vyalikaval and Sadashiva Nagar. The lake covers an area of about 15 ha (37.1 acres). At its widest, the tank has a width of 800 m (2,624.7 ft) Sankey tank was constructed by Col.  Richard Hiram Sankey of the Madras Sappers Regiment, in 1882, to meet the water supply demands of Bangalore. The tank was also known as Gandhadhakotikere, as the Government Sandalwood Depot used to be located near the lake.


Sankey Tank provides an example of how BBMP has conceived and executed a Lake development project. To a reasonable extent we can expect a similar effort by concerned government departments for the Bellandur Lake.


Picture 1 BBMP Board at entrance displaying a list of prohibited activities.

Picture 2 The off-set in the side railing at the Sewage Water Drain discharge..

Picture 3 it is suspected that sewage water is entering the lake at these two points.

Picture 4 shows one of the two Sewage Water Drain man holes at the old road height.

Picture 5 shows the Sankey Tank Bund Road storm water drain discharge arrangement into the Sankey tank.

Picture 6 shows the ducks being reared in the tank area. We saw many of the ducks swimming in the lake which was being fed by the visitors with tit bits.



Some more Pictures – Sankey Tank

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Picture 1 well laid out foot path with railing

Picture 2 Discharge end of lake where the excess water is let into a storm water drain towards Malleshwaram

Picture 3 Exit Storm Water drain

Picture 4 Exclusive pond facilitating idol immersion

Picture 5 One of the two Inspection Islands

PSA sir in Times of India today

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PSA sir was mentioned in a Times of India report today. He was quoted "Retired DRDO Scientist and Activist" in a report on Bellandur lake written by journalist Sunitha Rao.