The Cycle Day campaign

Thanks to the efforts of DULT, CiSTUP, RACF, enthusiasts like Das, few Praja RAAG guys (Sri, Sathya), and the enthusiastic cycling groups like Bangalore Bikers Club, Critical Mass and more, there seems to be a buzz about cycling in the city! Lot many more Bengalureans could cycle though. We have had several discussions here, and in other communities on what keeps more people from cycling, and the perceptions that need to be overcome to increase usage of cycling as a a mode of first/last mile connect, or just for leisure or exercise.

This is a campaign to build on the cycling buzz and go beyond the enthusiasts and enablers. Lets get as many Bengalureans to cycle as possible. Let more and more of us be visible with our cycles so that planners take note, reach of public transportation gets extended, a green mode of transportation gets better adoption and we all get healthier.

Campaign kicks off with a monthly event called "Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day". After we manage to get the first event started, the plan is to spread the campaign by adding an "Office Cycle Day", a "School Cycle Day", and more events based on more ideas that will emerge once we all join hands around this campaign.

The thought behind this specific campaign/project was seeded during this year's mobilicity event @ CiSTUP by DULT comsr V Manjula, Das and Srinidhi. Cycle Day as concept was discussed back in 2011 (minister Suresh Kumar) when the buzz originally started with work on cycle lanes in some localities of the city.

Join this project if you want to help organize the event(s), or cover the event(s) for the benefit of other readers, or have research ideas or tangible suggestions on planning more events under the campaign.

Lets get going then, with "Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day", kicking off on Oct 27 2013, and then, last Sunday of every month.

[Project created on behalf of Das, Rajesh/Zubin, Anil (Bangalore Bikers Club), many unnamed enthusiasts from Critical Mass Bangalore, and few Praja RAAG guys (Srinidhi, IDS, dvsquare, Neha, Ravi_d, deepakar, silkboard).]

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Cycle day is truly underway!

The Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day is well and truly underway now. On Sunday morning, folks from Praja and DULT, and several cycling enthusiasts met at Cubbon park to plan the event. The details of the event day are starting to fall in place. See our previous post for event day itinerary.

Meet on activities on the first Cycle Day event (27/Oct)

Some news on activities planned on the first CycleDay event. Following is a quick summary from the meeting held on 1/Oct to discuss potential options:

1. Inauguration by the Mayor - via a ceremonial cycle ride.

2. A heritage cycle ride around Cubbon park area. Critical Mass happens on the same day. Work with them to explore combining the two somehow.

Meet @ Cubbon Park

29 Sep 2013 07:00
29 Sep 2013 09:00

This week's Sunday Praja Cycle ride includes CycleDay discussions. Meet at 7am, just before Critical Mass ride in Cubbon Park. All are welcome to join. 

The 1st 'Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day'

27 Oct 2013 06:30
27 Oct 2013 09:30

The Cycle Day campaign kicks off on Sunday, Oct 27, with its first monthly event, "Feel Bangalore Cycle Day".

More details to follow (this event most will be edited with more specifics), here is the high level plan, a simple call:

Planning "Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day", a monthly event

We are kicking off the campaign via a monthly event called "Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day". Its a simple call for everyone to just take their cycles out, 'feel' the city early in the morning by cyling through fresh air and empty roads on a Sunday morning to Cubbon Park,

The Cycle Day campaign

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