Parking/Congestion charging proposals for CBD

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Opened on:Sunday, 26 September 2010 - 6:52pm
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This is a project to develop and propose a workable approach for re-introducing parking regulations in the city. A further long-term objective is to detail solutions for introducing congestion charge or cordon pricing in the central area of the city (CBD).

The project aims to prepare proposals that will provide benefits like:

  • Streamlined parking behavior on city streets
  • Reduced congestion in the CBD, further leading to better performance of road-based public transport
  • Reduced air pollution with reduction of vehicle volumes

Please join if you want to help develop the proposals via detailed online or offline research, meetings, on-street observations or other methods.

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Praja RAAG

District Improvement Charges

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

With BBMP running out of money & unable to present a coherent budget, city improvement programs have reached a dead end. While congestion charging can provide money for development programs & also reduce congestion it needs technology investment & infrastructure work to plug holes in the congestion chaging cordon.

Parking policy in Asian cities

Private transport

Sharing a report from Parking policy report in Aisan cities by Paul Barter who blogs on

How does congestion pricing work?

TrafficTraffic jams

This nice video summarizes what we have been discussing on these congestion pricing threads. How do you make it "fair"

...and how do you price the congestion

Docs related to controlling traffic growth

have attached some docs related to parking (HU's comments to DULT on their parking policy) and the HU mobility manifesto (in kannada and english), though these docs might be useful for people working on this project.


not sure if this was the best way to attach these docs, so in case its not ok, dont feel upset :-)

Vehicle to People ratio in Bangalore

Urban DevelopmentPrivate transport

Parking enforcement & restraining traffic growth


Further to the meeting with Mr Praveen Sood, AdCP-Traffic, a project will be necessary to identify a workable approach to re-introduce parking regulations in the city.
A further long-term objective for the project would be to investigate possibilities for enforcement of congestion or cordon pricing, particularly in the CBDs.

Meeting with Praveen Sood on Parking issues, moved to Sep 25

TrafficPrivate transport
25 Sep 2010 15:00

This is a meeting with Additional Commissioner of Police Mr Praveen Sood to discuss Parking & Congestion charging for Bangalore, the challenges in enforcement with current systems and automated systems. RSVP with a comment if you wish to come.

Pay & display parking system for Bengaluru

TrafficPrivate transport

 200 crore for vehicle parking in the BBMP budget and not a mention of charging for the same? @ 5 lakhs per parking meter (Brigade road type)  installed every 100 meters one can get 4000 meters & paid parking on 400 kms of roads in Bengaluru for this amount. I am hoping that should cover the CBD and more.

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