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Building on the concept of enforcement day, some of us had described the concept to Mr Praveen Sood in this meeting. Subsequently, we have brought a sponsor on board, and we are set to try a DriveWell day in Bangalore on September 30th. The idea is to pick and force certain driver behavior messages on handpicked junctions with a lot of vigour and seriousness.

Join this project to help build the DriveWell day concept, and to try have more events to promote driver behavior in unique ways.

DriveWell Day Training at TMC - report


I reached venue 30 mins late, as I got confused between old Ashoknagar police station(where I saw board as traffic division). Thats fine. Actually its very near to Garuda Mall.

Session was so nice. The following points were shown, of course lots of Q&As.

First DriveWell Day, supported by MphasiS - October 15

15 Oct 2010

The first Drive Well day is confirmed for September 30th now postponed to October 15. (confirmed). MphasiS is supporting this first event. Based on how it goes, we can sit down with traffic police to plan the next one, and also find sponsors for the next such or similar event.

Training for Drive-Well Day volunteers, Sep 15

15 Sep 2010 14:30

Training for volunteers for Drive-Well Day is b eing organized on Wednesday 15th September 2010 between 2.30 and 4.30 at TMC. 20+ volunteers from MphasiS are attending. Anyone here wants to go, please leave a comment.

Venue: Bangalore Traffic Police's Traffic Management Center (TMC).

DriveWell day - high level summary


Attaching a high level summary (presentation) on DriveWell day. The details are being worked out between sponsor and Traffic Police as we speak, they are on for Sep 30th. Watch for publicity to begin soon. One thing we need to do is to look for a sponsor for the next event on this concept.


Drive Less Save Your Health :)

Traffic on Bangalore is so bad, it is highly tiring to drive even 20 odd kilometeres within Bangalore. So much vehicles so close to you, you have to concentrate too much while driving, on top of this, people will be giving 'Gaalis' (shouting) to each other. A recent study by Bangalore Mirror reveals high BP to drivers immediately after driving. It is better to utilize the Public Transport and drive less whenever it is absolutely necessary.

So how do we proceed on this?

Is the roadmap for this project in place? Or still we are looking for a confirmed date? 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

I am also joining this project

Count me in.

 Nice to note there is a

 Nice to note there is a sponsorship, kudos in sponsor. There was  suggestion sometime back regarding a mass movement here. Lots of thought have gone in there. Though it was in relation with BMTC, now the time has come to extend. I will be FULL day volunteer for this event on Sept-30 if required. Booking my calendar right away.  I am joining this project immediately. 

P.S : On lighter note-> Happy to be first non-admin member :)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

30th Sep, with a sponsor

Stay tuned, will post more details in a day or two. Sponsors of the event have worked out the details with Traffic Police.

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