Praja Blogathon 2011

Civic issue oriented Online blogging competition with great prizes and exposure for winning entries


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What is Praja

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This is the project group to organize Praja Blogathon, a Civic issue theme based online blogging competition.

The goal of this project is to organize the Praja Blogathon sometime April/May 2011. The online blogging contest will involve 2-3 categories, award for each category. There may be two types of awards, reader's choice (based on votes from readers), and jury/critic. Stay tuned as the event evolves.

Please join the project if you want to help organize Praja Blogathon 2011.

[Note: resurrecting Deepak's original idea, an unfinished project back from 2010, for 2011]

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Praja Blogathon 2011

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