Develop a water index for Bangalore

Despite the popularity of traffic and transportation subjects here, water is a rather more serious issue facing our city. Here is an ambitious but interesting project to to pool together the energy of all water enthusiasts, and first design, and then regularly publish a "water index" for Bangalore.

Think of water index as a numerical way to track the "water health" of our city. The index by itself would be a meaningless number. But if designed well, monthly or quarterly changes to the number could indicate how the city is doing on water. Such a  data driven way of tracking an important parameter of quality of life should support meaningful debates, decisions, and raise awareness on city's water woes.

There could be multiple components like water input and supply data from BWSSB, technical data (groundwater map, catchment area estimates) from research houses and NGOs (Arghyam, IISc etc), and quality of water supply as seen by citizens (and captured in some crowd-sourced way).

Join if you're interested. The project will certainly get better shaped and defined as more people join in.

[Posted by Admin on behalf of Neha, Zenrainman and few others]

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